Good Game Code v. Optimized Game Code

I have to admit it, I like good code. By good code, I mean event models, design patterns, Hungarian Notation and all that assorted zarjazz (a Jeff Minterism for all you old schoolers). I like it especially as… Read More

Merry Christmas From!

Merry Christmas from!  We hope you get (and give) all the great games that you and everyone you know wants this year.  Have a peaceful and safe holiday season (no matter what you celebrate), and be sure to… Read More

Flash AS3 Speed Tests: Rendering and Update Models

About a week ago I jumped into a discussion on Flashkit about AS3 sprite sheets, rendering, etc. There were a lot of good ideas being thrown around, and I put in my 2 cents on how my current… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles: Top 3 Worst Video Game Christmas Presents Ever: Coleco Shooting Gallery, Atari Jaguar, Action Max

  I’ve written a few articles here on filled with histrionics about the ‘best’ and ‘greatest’ Christmas mornings from my childhood, but until now I have avoided the talking about the some of the worst.  The Coleco Shooting… Read More One Year Anniversary

Our one year anniversary has come and gone, and I just wanted to mark the occasion with a list of the significant stats for our humble little retro game programming and appreciation site. From December 14 2006 until… Read More

Atari Nerd Chronicles:Rob Fulop on game design

Just about every year, Steve and I coordinate a great from the gaming industry to visit our day job and give the team a day-long talk on game design. We like to focus on classic game designers because… Read More Soccer Kid

When you make marketing based web games it is very tough to know if people like them or not.  There is very little feed back, and even if someone wanted to tell you they liked your game, they… Read More

Pumpkin Man Mid-Mortem

Games take a long time to make. Seriously, games are a bitch to make. I started my latest game as a supposed month long project to update Pacman into the semi-modern (circa 1990) age. I figured that Pacman… Read More

Another Person's Game: Vector Runner

Vector Runner is a fast paced classic wire frame vector game in the style of the Tempest and Battle Zone. I found the game on the web site in my weekly search for classic style games. I… Read More

Atari VCS Xmas Tree Decorate & Email (2007)

Design a Christmas tree, send it to a friend.

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