Atari Haiku: Baptism By Pixel

Baptism By Pixel


The back of the store


Right of the housewares


Next to the fire door

Heavy Sixer with Combat!

Two wide-eyed kids


Thumbs on the buttons

CX-40s in our palms

Hands and eyes in-sync


“This f-ing rules man!”

“cool-ass games on a TV!”

“Much better than Pong!”


Tanks, bi-planes and jets

Bouncing shots, racking-up scores

We play while mom shops


“This aint no arcade”

Yells the TV salesman in

The C&R suit


He says “That’s it boys”

He then hits the power switch

“Not get outta here!”


We skulk away

From the TV section, but

We will be back soon

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