10 Lines Of Silence For Evel Knievel

… … … … … … … … … … The legend of my childhood, Evel Knievel died today at the age of 69.  Sure, he has not had the highest profile for past 30 or so years,… Read More

Anatomy of a Flash Game: Lesson 1 – Setting up the game

My newest Flash game tutorial is up at Mochiland.  Anatomy of a Flash Game: Lesson 1 – Setting up the game is the first in a series of articles that will show, in fine detail, how to construct a… Read More

JoytoKey: A Joy to Use With Flash Games

We here at 8bitrocket.com try to give our support to anything that makes the Flash Game experience better: From optimized bitmap rendering engine tutorials, to using Mochi Ads to help pay developers to keep on making innovative games,… Read More

Required Playing: Atari ST Games

Title: Lethal XcessYear: 1991Publisher: EclipseDeveloper: X-TrollGame Design: Marc Rosocha, Heinz Rudolph, Claus FrienGraphics: Heinz RudolphProgramming: Claus Frien, Heinz RudolphMusic: Jochen Hippel Sifting through my huge collection of vintage games and roms, I have selected a few I have… Read More

Where Is My Must Have, Retro Game Collection For The Holidays?

Every Christmas for at least the past decade, my brother Jeff and I have traded retro game collections for Christmas. It started in 1998 when I discovered MAME and Dave’s Video Game Classics. I collected a CD of… Read More

8bitrocket.com Finally Gets An Alexa.com Ranking!

I know that Alexa.com is not the best source for traffic rankings (hey, neither is Neilson, so there!), but I just wanted to share a bit of info about 8bitrocket.com’s traffic ranking.    Obviously we are not a “destination”… Read More

Pixel Chix Flippin' Kitchen Goes Live!

My first (as a developer) web+toy (Toys that interact with the web) project went live today: Pixel Chix Flippin’ Kitchen.   The game is “inspired” by the “Cooking Mama” DS and Wii game.  You use your mouse to mix, cut,… Read More

History Of Atari 1971-1977

My latest writing project, “Part 1” of the History Of Atari (1971-1977) went up today at Gamasutra. The series is culmination of nearly 5 years of research and include content from my own personal interviews with Nolan Bushnell, Chris Crawford, Ralph Baer,… Read More

Great Article On The 50 Greatest Game Design Innovations

Ernest Adams has written a fantastic article for http://www.next-gen.biz about the “50 Greatest Game Design Innovations”.   There is tons of good content here to get you thinking, mull over, and argue about.  Take a look at it here:… Read More

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