Flash Game Programming Inter-Web Round up

I like to search the inter-web for juicy nuggets of Flash Game programming wisdom in my free time (what a boring date I must be). Here are some essential new and recent blog entries for Flash Game Programmers and Developers.

Interactive Crap has a pretty recent entry called Common Problems in AS3 Game Programming #3 Swarm Behavior (Following).
I really like simple to understand AI articles and this is a great one.

Mochiland is chock full of great stuff. The most recent being:
5 Simple Tips to Optimizing Your Flash Games Site
ActionScript Physics Engine Tutorial: Lesson 1
ActionScript Physics Engine Tutorial: Lesson 2
Our very own Steve Fulton, wrote this first part in a series on making games. – Anatomy of a Flash Game: Lesson 1 – Setting up the game

http://www.zeuslabs.us has a nice collection of tips on how to learn AS3 in this article: 12 Great Ways to Learn ActionScript 3 in Flash

Gary Rosenzweig’s latest (and greatest) Flash Game Programming book as spawned a web site where he helps budding game programmers with all sorts of problems and questions. His site, http://www.flahsgameu.com/ some great new stuff since the last time I visited. For those interested in his methods behind making the classic SNAKE game, he has provided a two part video tutorial:
FlashGameU.com Video Tutorial: Creating a Snake Game, Part 1
FlashGameU.com Video Tutorial: Creating a Snake Game, Part 2


site is chock full of great tid bits. He also has another video tutorial on making a matching card pairs game. I really like it when someone spends the time making a full game and then creates a tutorial around it.

http://www.tutorialized.com is another AWESOME resource for game and Flash game Tutorials. Their latest include:
Making a Catapult Game
Making a Turret Game
Making a Maze Game

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