Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : Mar. 3, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

Mochiland, always a great place for the Flash Game Developer, has a very good new article on designing thumbnails for games on portals. It discusses using faces, contrasting colors, embellishment (like Atari 2600 cart graphic art) and more. It is a great read by indie game author, Sam Horton.

nGFX at the GamingYourWay.com blog has started a new 3D game. It should be interesting to follow his progress as his skills are top notch.

Steve Street, an accomplished 3D Engine Builder, has a nice little article on his first Flash Game. It is a impressive little lunar lander style game. It shows what a good developer can do in a few hours with the tools at his disposal. Steve, get some Mochi Ads in that game!

I haven’t done any real 3D in Flash, but the subject fascinates me. Just Another Game Development Blog has a fascinating entry on Bump Mapping In Flash. For the uninitiated (me included),bump mapping is a technique used to create highly detailed surfaces on 3D objects. Maybe I should get my butt in gear and try out Papervision.

Flashgameu.com has a host of new entries to delight the novice game developer. Here, Gary teaches how to create a random number between -1 and 1 (not as simple as it first sounds especially for a novice). He has a video tutorial on how to use mouse movement to fade a movieclip. And Finally, he explains the often needed getDefinitionByName method, which can be used to instantiate a class with a String value.

That’s is for this week. If you have a game development blog (or even an entry) and want to be included in these aggregate postings, please send an email to info@8bitrocket.com.

Oh yeah, we added 2 new arcade diversions for you to try out:
The first is a classic shooter where you use the Atari 800 computer to blast rivals in the 80’s. It is called Home Computer Wars: Alpha Mission.
Also, we added a game I have been working on for a few months called 8bitrocket Pumpkinman. It is a retro-enhanced version of Pac Man.

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