Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : Mar. 14, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

Michael Baczynski, on his blog at http://lab.polygonal.de/ds/, has great new set of AS3 Data Structures for game Developers. The structures include: Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Queue, Stack, Tree, Binary Tree, Binary Search, Linked List, Heap and Priority Queue, Graph, and Bit Vector classes. It looks like AS3 now has the equivalent of the data structures in the C++ STL. For those of us that have been forced to look to C++ books and literature for advice on data structures, we now have our own versions of the STL ones we have been envious of for years! This is a great project, and it part of the Google Code library.

Looking around Michael’s site, I also found his MOTOR2 engine, A rigid-body, iterative, impulse-based 2D physics engine for ActionScript 3 based on Box2D. This looks very promising! While building this engine, he came up with a great list of optimizations for AS3 code based on the theory that you should use as few instructions as possible to optimized your AS3 code.

  • precompute as much as possible
  • avoid frequent object creation/deconstruction, instead create objects once and reuse them
  • constrain function calls, inline critical parts
  • inline vector and matrix math
  • use linked lists for data structures that are constantly under modification
  • limit array access (especially nested arrays)
  • accept code duplication instead of trying to encapsulate everything
  • avoid using flash’s build in methods, e.g. the Math class
  • prefer ‘extend and override’ instead of defining interfaces (template pattern)
  • don’t cast objects often

Mochiland has put up Steve’s latest tutorial, Anatomy of a Flash Game: Lesson 3 – MochiAds, MochiBot and MochiAds Leaderboards.

New 8bitrocket Friend, and now day-job partner in crime, Bryson Whiteman, as a very interesting post about Inspiring 3d Flash tech demos. Squize (at www.gameingyourway.com) also has a link to the same http://cubo.cc/ demo in Bryson’s post. It is an amazing example of what Flash can do in capable hands.

Another free and very impressive engine is the FFilmation Engine. The engine is based on and pays tribute to the filmation engine used in 8 bit adventure games. It is an AS3 engine for making isometric style games.It looks very promising and I encourage anyone interested in making Flash Games to check out and support the effort.

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