Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : Mar. 20, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

Mochiland and James Robinson bring you an absolutely essential article on Marketing Flash Games: The Other Half of the Battle. Please read the entire article, but in summary, Mark suggests that vigorous marketing of your game is essential once it is complete. His basic 3 points are:
1. Create a distribution pack for email submit portals. It should include the protected swf file(s); logos and thumbnails; as well as a document with descriptions in various lengths, width and height information, and any other essential information about your creation.
2. Create a professional distribution email that says enough, but not too much about your game. Make sure to pinpoint what makes your game so special..
3. Make sure to maintain a list of portals (emails and submit urls) that you can attack once your games are finished.

Steve has posted his latest opus, an article called Flash Game Design Kitchen Nightmares, where he details how to apply the Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares advice to Flash Game design.

Google Docs has a slide show presentation by Brad Merritt, Lead Game Designer, Cartoon Network called Common Flash Game Mistakes. It is a 187 slide presentation that I was made aware of by browsing an evilzug Live Journal posting. It is a very detailed discussion on 2d camera issues and mistakes, keyboard control mistakes, lack of consistent communication and feedback to the player, problems with relying on random numbers for game variation, issues with emulating previously published designs, and problems with setting game difficulty. He also goes into a number of smaller issues such as implementing power ups properly, making games too realistic, letting non-game players have too much say in a game design, using unfamiliar play mechanics, forcing the player to watch long intros before a game starts and much more.

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