Flash Retro Remake Round Up : March 27, 2008

This is by no means an exhaustive survey of the universe of retro Flash games available on the infobaun, but here are some fun, unique takes on some of my favorite old games. Most of these aren’t even recent, but we have to start somewhere.

We’ve all seen the games by Paul Neave plastered over almost every game site on the internet. My favorite is his Frogger re-make. All of his games are wonderfully close to the originals, and even though I am not trying to be a completist, my list would be bare without one of his games. Please play them at his site because he gets the ad revenue. He also has versions of Asteroids, Tetris, Snake, and more.

Andre Michelle has a nice collection of retro games. For me, his best, by far is the Donkey Kong game he made in FLASH 5. How he was able to pull this off, I’ll never know. Other fun ones are his early take on Moon Patrol and his Flash MX take on Super Mario Bros.

Ninja Kiwi has been very successful recently with some retro inspired games. I don’t think these are really remakes , but they have an 80’s 16-bit feeling to them. We start the Bloons juggernaut with Even More Bloons – a game that I am absolute crap at. It’s great fun though.Then there is Zeba, a block pushing / shooting puzzler that is even more fun than Bloons.

GameTeam has a very nice selection of retro inspired games. My favorite, by far is Navy Fighter, a 1941 style game that is a blast to play. Others to check out are: the similar, but totally awesome Sky Warrior; Galaxy Invaders, a game that is oddly similar to Better Dead Than Alien (Atari ST, Amiga) that I am sure they have never played, but I could be wrong. The final one I will list, but they have at least 5 more brilliant games, is a title called Onslaught Online. This is Tower defense combined with Operation Wolf (and all the fun gun set pieces from Half Life and Medal of Honor).

The final game for today is an Omega race style blaster called Virus by the genius duo (at least nGfx is credited) that is Gamingyourway.com. It is beautifully retro in every way possible, especially the perfectly rendered glowing mono vector graphics (they look like the are coming from a Vectrex machine) and the SAM style digital voice.

That’s it for this time. Please send an email to info[at]8bitrocket[dot]com is you have any retro games you would like me to cover for next time.

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