Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : April. 24, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This week we cover game loops, a cool new retro game (by Squize), a dictionary object framework for game objects, Andre Michelle’s new project, lessons in promoting your game, an AS3 CS3 (not Flex) pre-loader, brainstorming games, and a basic guide for beginners in starting to make flash games.

Game Poetry, Game Poetry, Game Poetry. I can’t say it enough, but this site RULEZ. Panayoti has a great new entry on Understanding the Game Loop. It discusses creating a deterministic game loop to help prevent the tunneling or pass through negative effect when collision detection is not properly timed.

Please feel free to ENJOY Squize’s latest OLD game, MJ 1912. It is a very cool version of Space Invaders. To me it looks like a Bitmap Brothers game. All silvery and shiny with that gray gradient thing they did and selected bright colors. I feel like I’m playing my ST or Amiga emulator. Yes, I’m old, so live with it =). Sorry about the late MUFC goal to draw Blackburn, Squize. Hopefully some GameJacket cash will heal the wound.

Nate, over at Interactive Crap, has a very useful game object framework (using a dictionary object) that is is giving away to those in need. Check out his example also.

Andre Michelle has been going on about his AS3 based audio tool called Hobnox on his site for a while now. Even though I consider myself a little bit of an audiophile, I haven’t had time to check it out much yet. It looks like the Zarzazz though. (I know, I know, Bitmap Bros, Minter’s Zarjazz. I know what you are asking…can this codger pull a reference that ISN’T from the 80’s…sadly, I can’t)

Mochiland has a new article by Alex Snyder called Promoting Your Game – Lessons Learned which builds on previous entries that deal with how to make a buck or two in game Flash game development. It takes hard work, dedication, and nice articles like this to get you going.

We have added a new tutorial on creating a preloader for CS3 based AS3 games. It deals with conquering the complexities of preloading a single swf file full of assets while maintaining a working, functional preload sequence – its a little tricky, but not too tricky. – just tricky enough for me to blather on about it for a few 100 words.

http://www.wiliam.com.au/wiliam-blog/brainstorming-a-viral-flash-game has an interesting article (if brief) take Brainstorming a Viral Flash game.

freelanceflashgames.com has a Guide To Flash Game Creation. It is a very nice summary of the steps a beginner should take to start making games and even a little cash.

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