Fresh Kill Five: May 18, 2008 8bitrocket's Biased Pick of New Flash Games

This week we visit Addicting Games, and find 5 new releases that we love to play.

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel on They choose great games and you can see why they are one of the most popular portals on the planet. Here are five new, addictive, retro inspired, soon to be classics (at least in our biased opinion)!

Color Fill by Kokosan
This is where I will never understand the reviews on gaming sites. Color Fill is an absolutely awesome retro-inspired take on the classic Qix. This game is getting middling reviews on the site, but I love it.

Basically, you just need to fill the screen with colors, but it is much more fun than that.
Press the spacebar to change your cursor between creating a horizontal line and a vertical line. Press the mouse button when you are ready to draw. That’s basically it, but the game play and presentation and top notch.

Acceleration Maze by Demons Carnage
This a nice little puzzle game that caught my eye. It also is not getting really high ratings. but I like it a lot. The levels are well designed, it has some good music (for a Flash Game) and it is fun to play.

You control the brown brown spinning sphere (in the lower half of this level) as you attempt to accelerate around the walls and obstacles to the glowing destination (yellow 4 pointed star with blue in middle). The sphere has nicely weighted controls and moves a little like a car, not an Asteroids ship.

Golphysics by Joliner
Imagine Atari’s Major Havoc (a rare vector 80’s game – look it up) as a Golf Game. This is basically another physics based puzzler, but its unique style is very retro and very much to my liking. Even the music is a retro 70’s sort of porn movie groove
The goal of the game is to shoot the ball into the hole on each level (like golf). Instead of it being played on a on a flat, birds-eye perspective, it is played platform game style. Different walls have different bounce properties so you must put on your thinking cap before you rush right in an start hitting away. It is nicely put together, and has a pinball feel as well as a mini-golf and physics puzzle feel. By the way, this is also getting low ratings, what are these kids thinking?

Octaball by NSP Games
Right away this struck me as a Bitmap Brothers game. I remember a very similar game on the ST that was a combination of soccer (footie), ice hockey, and basketball. It is an action packed flex game where you must try to hit the blue ball into goal with your blue paddle. You are playing against the AI of the red Guardians. There are magnetic walls and various power ups / upgrades to win / purchase.

The match is played on an octagon play field. It has a retro feel with a modern soundtrack (metal loops and such). It is getting a poor rating also, but mostly because players have found some glitches. I like what I see though.

Tank 2008 By
Now, this one is getting a great rating by the kids, so maybe we do see eye to eye once in a while.
What can I say but this awesome blast-fest is truly inspired. Very retro (by accident or not) with Robotron controls, you can simply blow the f**k out of everything on the screen. It also reminds me a little of Armor Attack as the movement and firing is very similar.

You use the WSAD keys to move and the mouse to aim and fire. Play it, it kicks ass!

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