Fresh Kill Five: May 26, 2008 An 8bitrocket Biased Selection of Fun New Flash Games

This week we visit, and to find 5 new releases that we love to play: Alien Slayer 3D, Galaktoid, Go Go Plant, James The Pirate Zebra, and Boxes.

First we visit (a portal that has never accepted any of our games …humph) and find out exactly what it takes to make it there.

Alien Slayer 3D by (on
Wow, this is probably the best Flash game I have ever played. It looks and plays like the best Shockwave 3D games. You basically run around a 3D environment and blast aliens ala Doom. It is pure class and reminds me of the first time I played Wolf3d or Doom. Definitely at he upper reaches of Retro, but still there some place.

Yes, the above is a FREAKING Flash game! Play this one asap! You need a pretty good machine to play it, but on my new iMac it plays really well. It is 5.3MB and well worth the wait. I get about 22 FPS in Firefox on the MAC and 17 FPS in IE in Win XP in Parallels. That is enough for a pretty decent ride.

Galaktoid By (on
Galaktoid may be just another Arkanoid clone, but it is an awesome Arkanoid clone. It looks like an ST or Amiga game at a much higher resolution and with 3D models used on a 2D canvas.

Galaktoid is beautifully put together by the Picasogames team. The entire project is teeming with quality – from the 3d rendered cut scene opening to to game levels and models, and music. I wish we had the time to make games this beautiful.

Next we hit, I’m looking for more traditional retro games here, and I find some gems.

Go Go Plant by Mausland Entertainment
Go Go Plant is about as retro as they come. It is a circa 1990 NES style platformer that is WAY WAY out there. This is not a bad thing, and it oozes retro coolness. The presentation may be awesomely retro, but the game is very unique. You play a plant with various skills and abilities. The Left-Arrow puts an arrow in the air to catch objects. The up arrow gives you the ability to fly with helecopter-like efficiency. The down arrow allows you to drill into the ground, while the right arrow allows you to punch the ball.

I suck at it, but it has the making of a CLASSIC! This is one great retro inspired game.

James The Pirate Zebra by
James gets a new adventure, and this time it’s on a pirate ship. I encourage everyone to watch the intro to this one as it is HILARIOUS! The game is standard platform fare, but is exceedingly fun and the music is particularly awesome … I want to say UK Oi band drinking song mixed with Pirates of the Caribbean.

James must collect the gold coins, and avoid everything else. There are A LOT of things to avoid, all of them a blast.

Boxes by AWOKE
Boxes is what I like to term a New Retro Classic. It is based on the Geometry Wars concept that itself was based on the vector games of the 80’s but is also unique unto itself. You rotate and fire your turret with the mouse and move around with the WASD keys. In that way it is a little like Robotron. It is nicely put together is a little sparse graphically, but pretty fun to play.

There aren’t many sound fx, and the music, though well put together, doesn’t fit the game to my liking (who am I to judge though). It can be turned off if you desire. This is the type of game that many will call derivative, but I personally like re-makes, tributes and such, so this one deserves some attention too.

That’s it this week. Next week we will take a look at new Mochi and Gamejacket offerings.

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