Flash Retro Game Showcase #4: May 29, 2008

This week we cover 4 different retro-style Flash games in four completely different styles. All four styles happen to be some of my absolute favorites of the genre. We have a great bolt-on shooter, an arcade racer, an Breakout/Arkanoid contest, and finally, a platfomer in the style of classic games from the Apple IIe and Atari 800.

Starship Ranger 2

Star Ship Rangers 2

Sometimes I crave a good old shooter, and this is one of those. This game has smooth action, good controls, and a "Bitmap Brothers" feel (i.e Xenon). Plus, the basting action, sounds and explosions are very satisfying.

Desert Rally

Desert Rally

Great little driving game! This reminds me of many Atari ST driving games of the past, and curiously, Rally X (although it looks nothing like it and plays nothing like it). Also, the design reminds me of a game I made for Hotwheels.com many moons ago named Crashzilla Crusher.

Flash Brickout

Flash Brickout

This is very nice take on an "Arkanoid" style game. The gameplay is a bit slow at first, but it gets hard within a few levels. The only thing that worries me is the music at the beginning that is lifted right from "Arkanoid". Other than that this is great game.

Nitro Platform 2

Nitro Platform 2

This is a fantastic little platformer with retro style. The music and graphics are pure 8-bit, but the game play is a bit more like a 16-bit game. Still there is enough "Jumpman" and "Load Runner" here for the retro fan while enough variety and power-ups for everyone else.

Only four this week? Yeah, well, we're only trying to highlight the BEST retro Flash gfames, and we post them as we find them. See you next week.

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