Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: June 9, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This week we take a look at some new Mochiads additions; A look a free dev tools from GamePoetry; Emanuele Feronato’s latest (and best), and a fresh kill 3 selection of games from both Triqui, and Kongregate.

Mochiads.com has BLOWN up with new updates for publishers and devs alike. They now have a patent pending version control system. The system includes game encryption. They have also added features like unique users for leader boards and a whole host of new stuff for Publishers. Also from Mochiads, the latest weekly game winner was Music Catch, a relatively simple, be highly addictive color and shape catching game.

The always reliable GamePoetry.com has an outstanding piece on
10 Most Valuable FREE Tools for an ActionScript programmer. Some, like Flashdevelop and Gimp are obvious. Others, like Unfuddle are incredible tools that integrated dev teams can make use of.

Emanuele Feronato keeps up his incredible pace by providing these two:
Managing multiple balls collisions with Flash: AS3 version (an update of the AS2 one from a week or so back) and an AS2 Flash Flood Fill Implementation. But what has to be honestly the best tutorial ever written (especially with recent events) is his tutorial on how How to use a Flash game tutorial to make your own game. This absolutely necessary piece because the Flash game sites are rife with exact copies of tutorial games with no changes other than the name of the developer (it’s sad really).

Some Fresh Kill From triqui.com
A highly biased selection of fun new games on triqui.com – A Mochiads Games Aggregation Portal run by Emanuele Feronato.
PlanetX Terry Paton’s awesome Gravitar like game.

Gem – A fun little retro platformer.- Again By Terry Paton.
Final Knockout – A very Well Made fighting game from UltimateArcade.com.

Some Fresh Kill From Kongregate.com
A somewhat biased selection of games based on the current most popular on the site (an my sifting skills).
Monster’s Book Of the Dread – an absolutely amazing 2-d party based classic RPG. A must play.
Cannon Fighter – Probably the most simple defense game you will play. It looks and sounds like it is on the TRS-80 or Speccy – pretty cool.
Space Junk – Retro inspired. A little like a collecting version of Asteroids. Well made.

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