Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up : June 24, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This week we take a look at new Flashgamelicense features, Mochiland articles, GameJacket opportunities, optimization, source control, Color Fill (again), Law Of The West Pinball, as3gaming.com, and PixelWelder’s custom event broadcaster class.

What’s new in Monetization?:

Flashgamelicense First Impressions. Flashgamelicense has added some really cool features lately. They have been instrumental in some great monetary opportunities for us in the past, and the flow cool features has turned into a recent flood. With message boards, the quick shop, to the FGLopedia, Chris and Adam have been are the forefront of the monetization of Flash games for some time now. They have just added a unique new feature that lets game devs purchase First Impressions credits to use on unique player feedback for their games. It works like this: You buy first impressions via Paypal for $1 each in their new First Impressions shop. Those impressions are spent on feedback from unique players of various backgrounds who must play your game for 5 minutes (at least). After the reviewers play you game, they are required to give you bug reports and feedback on a variety of topics relating to your game. The reviewers are anonymous, and so far it looks like a great way to get good feedback on your games. We haven’t used it yet (as we don’t have any new games), but we plan to very soon.

Mochiland has added yet another deserving weekly winner in The Rings.

They also have a nice case study on monetization by Mochiads member, Badim.

Not to be left out, the guys at GameJacket continue to offer a great guaranteed CPM ($.50), as well as offer $1000.00 up front for deserving games. In some cases this is much better than a license sale, as you keep all of the rights and still can make revenue after the first $1000. I know some very successful people who are using them.

What’s new in Game Development Blogs?
visualharmonics.co.uk has great set of optimizations that are useful for Flash games. I especially like that he added some of ours!

GamePoetry has an excellent article on using Subversion for source control.

Emanueleferonato.com has a new tutorial on creating a game Like Color Fill (we reviewed it here a couple weeks back), which itself was a new version of the classic Qix.

The guys are GamingYourWay.com have finally pushed live their sensational Pinball Game, Law Of The West Pinball. This one uses game Jacket. It scrolls both horizontally and vertically to keep the full size table usable in the small window that Flash games usually provide. It works well, and is fun to play.

Check out as3gaming.com as it has proven to be an incredible resource on Game and General Flash development. I still owe them some articles, and I am embarrassed that I have not found time to put them up in the cool wiki.

What’s new in general Actionscript Blogs?
PixelWelders has a nice new entry on creating a useful custom Event Broadcaster class (like we did in AS1 and AS2) to overcome some of the limitations of the AS3 model.

Check out Flashgameblogs.com and freelanceflashgames.com for your daily dose.

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