Flash Game Development Inter-web Mash-up: July 17, 2008

A selection blogs, articles, tutorials games, and more that might be on interest to Flash game developers (or any other game developers). This week we have entries ranging from generating 3D cube primitives to efficient game development. We also have 6 new retro-styled games to check out.

Flash game Blogs

GamePoetry open this weekly smash up of all things Flash-gaming with two new entries. The first concerns using design patterns in Flash game development, and the second tackles separating game logic from the user interface. Both are well worth a look.

Emanuele Feronato has put up the third part of his set of tutorials on making a Lumines like game. He also done a good job explaining the uses for the First Impressions service offered by FlashGameLicense.com

Pixelwelders has a great new demo and class that uses Papervision and AS3 to animate a set cube primitives. It makes use of the FIVe3D library.

We added 5 new deserving games to our retro showcase. It’s not all Mochi games this week as we finally figured out how to add GameJacket games. We have still had some reports of them not loading though.

AS3 Gaming has a cool new tutorial called Creating a Dynamic Starfield with the Flint ParticleSystem

The Helion Code has a short entry called Efficient Flash Game Development. It has some very good tips methods to brainstorm, design, and code your game with out going mad. They have 34 tips for getting your game sponsored.

ahrooga.com has an interesting idea…serve up your own ads via XML instead of using a service like GameJacket or Mochi. Might be worth a try.

FlashPerfection has a nice tutorial on Setting up your-Game Development Environment in AS3 in an Object Oriented style.

Some games to check out:

A great Metal Slug game on Agame.

Storm Boat: Vietnam Mayhem on Addicting Games

Inquisitive Dave on Kongregate

Gates vs. Jobs: The Game!

Earth Defense on Mochi

Raging Steel II on GameJacket


As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com and freelanceflashgames.com for your daily dose.

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