Flash Game Development Inter-web Mash-up: July 28, 2008

A selection blogs, articles, tutorials, games, and more that might be on interest to Flash game developers (or any other game developers).

This week we have things you can learn from creative programmers, a couple entries on sponsorships and contests, game planning, path finding, creating a game arcade portal, a new site full of Flash tutorial goodness, Google’s attempt to search inside .swfs, and more…

First off, LifeDev has an excellent, thought provoking article called Creative Code: 14 Ways to Learn From Creative Programmers. Glen has some great things to say about how programmers can be and need to be creative when they code. Since there are so many different ways to do the same thing in code, it really is a creative medium. I think that gets lost on a lot of people who don’t understand what programmers really do. It is a Left and Right brain activity at the same time. Thanks to the He-Man, Alan “Mr Hot wheels” Donnelly for pointing this one out. And Alan, even though Empire Strikes back is technically a better movie than A New Hope (its darker, the Hoth battle rocks and at least one hand gets light sabared off), it didn’t change an entire generation of kids and films the way Episode IV did. For that reason alone, I consider A new Hope the best of the bunch.

Freelance Flash Games has a slew of new updates, including a list of the best Flash Game Sponsors, and 10 Things to Consider when Planning a Game. I am especially a fan of #1: Be sure it interests you. Game making should be fun. If it feels like work, then you should try a different idea.

8Bitrocket Brother At Arms, Scotty D. has a nice write up on the upcoming ability for Google to search inside of Flash Movies. I read about this last week, and have been intrigued at the possibilities. It’s great that Yahoo and Google are basically bucking popular trends and not simply hating on Flash, but actually trying to help the situation.

Over at GamePoetry, Panayoti explores the subject of Flash Version Validation and provides an example of using the VersionValidator built into AS3.

Chris Rock at Sokay.net has posted a wonderful tutorial on how to path find around irregular objects. Using a system he calls North Star, he has created a simply amazing algorithm for path finding, and he wants YOU to have it too.

Emanuele Feronato doesn’t rest much, does he? Along with his usual selection of game engine tutorials that he seems to whip up at an astonishing rate is a new two part series that will interest any budding Game Portal operator, Creating a Flash Arcade Site Using WordPress Part 1, and Part 2.

tutorio.us is a brand new beta site that is attempting to create a full Flash Game Development curriculum using existing and future web tutorials. They don’t have any of ours up yet, but maybe they will soon.

Mr Sun Studios explores the topic of difficulty settings in Flash games, and also gives a lot of insight into the development and sponsor process for his latest game, Xylophone Master. He is right, Flashgamelicense has helped us with Addicting Games in the passed and I can’t say enough good things about both of them.

Mochimedia seems to always has a great new trick up its sleeve. This week they gave their portal site a fresh new look and they have a brand new contest for Flash Game Developers. – SWEET!

Just in case I haven’t mentioned it enough already, we opened up our Royalty Free Music Loop library to all game devs to use

Here is a list of games that are keeping me from working on my own games…

Pandemic 2 on Addictinggames.com
Super Marine on Hallpass.com
Alien UFO on Mind Jolt
Charlie The Duck on Gameshot.org
Monster’s Den on Gamebrew.com
Protector Reclaiming the Throne on Knogregate.com
Inquisitive Dave on New Grounds

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com and freelanceflashgames.com for your daily dose.

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