Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up:August 25, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers. It’s time to hit my favorite Flash sites and see what’s new in game development.

This time we cover The difference between “distance between points” methods in AS3; MAME Goes the way of Flash; 50 ways to improve your web site; the latest Mochi winner; Tutorials on Photoshop and Adobe Air; How to design game that won’t numb the player; 4 cool Mochi games and lots lots more.

Squize, over at Gamingyourway.com has posted some more of his speed tests with AS3 and has come up with some very interesting results. It seems that the Point.Distance built in method for computing the distance between two points isn’t the quickest draw in the west. Speaking of quick draws, how about a game of Law Of The West?

I want all of you to go take a look at Photon Storm if possible. It is run by Rich, a legend in Retro Gaming circles (especially on the Atari systems). He has some very cool entries on Richard Cabello’s new FPS/Micro Second/Memory counter, and one I am very excited about, a version of MAME that runs in Flash! Also, if you have any interest in the Atari ST world, check out his Little Green Desktop site.

Mr. Sun continues his series on hate (in a good way) with 50 ways to make us hate your web design. Also, check out his awesome 6 part series on Creating a vertical Shooter in AS3.

FreelanceFlashGames.com has put together a list of the most popular Flash Game Blogs (by Alexa ranking). We come in at a healthly # 6. Also, if you are looking for an excellent 1941 style vertical shooter, his Naval Fighter is one of the best ever made.

Mochiland has announced the latest Flash Friday Winner, Addup by Deadwhale.com. Addup is a match 2 style game where the sum of the numbers you select much “add-up” to the a certain number. It’s a fun little diversion and a unique match style game.

The flashenabledblog.com has a huge wealth of goodies for you all to check out: Photoshop Tutorials Round-up, the Adobe Air Tutorials Round-Up, Flash-filter.net filter give-aways, and much more, including a very cool Data Visualization Round-Up.

As has been the case for a long time, Game Poetry has another wonderful article, this time on game design. It deals with giving the player breaks in game play and is called Numbing the Player. Also, the tool SFXR (something we have highlighted 2x before also) is discussed in Sound Effects on a Budget. It is a great 8-bit sound generator.

Over at Sokay.net , Chris Rock has posted an update to his great AS2 Trace Manager. Also, those guys have a very fun, retro inspired game called Luv Tank.

The always prolific Emanuele Feronato, has a new entry on obstacle avoidance for enemy AI, Part 5 of creating a Flash Arcade in Word Press, and Creating a game like Cirplosion.

Hero Interactive has a couple cool looking new games to check out: Microbe Combat (unfinished), and Bubble Tanks 2 (which needs some help to make it to the Kong #1 spot).

Frozen Haddock has a slew of interesting things to on offer including the 3 parter on making a simple avoidance game.

Some Fresh Kill From Mochiads.com (games that are keeping me from making my own)
ColourPod2: Dimension Pod

Save the Earth

Paperball Physics

Lone Defender – The Blitz

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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