Flash Game Development Inter-web Mash-up: September 3, 2008

A selection blogs, articles, tutorials, games, and more that might be on interest to Flash game developers (or any other game developers).

This week the Pixel Blitz Engine EXPLODES!; A new Multi-player classic from Lorenzgames; Common game development mistakes to avoid; A Flash Game License First Impressions Review; A Hand Held Flash Game Player; A Unique Collision Detection Idea; A Tutorial on making a game like Snow Flakes; How do you know your game is fun?; A new basic blitting tutorial; Some fresh retro gaming articles and 5 cool Game Jacket games that are keeping me from my work…

Rich over at Photon Storm (another Minter Fan!) been steadily working on improvements to the Norm Soule released Pixel Blitz Engine. He has added an advanced Keyboard Handler, stage limits, Auto Scroll Support, plus scale, alpha, smoothing, tint and more. Pretty soon, these two are going to have a full blown AS3 2d gaming engine ALA STOS or AMOS! I wish I had more time to help them out, because as it is, it might become “legend” …wait for it…wait…”DARY”!

Lorenzgames.com has released another sure fire hit with Domino Multi-player. Be sure to check out his other multi-player gems like Bombators Multiplayer and the excellent Space Invaders Multiplayer.

The incomparable Mr Sun has posted a couple sets of mistakes to avoid when developing games: Set 1 and Set 2. Sadly, I have made many of them at one time or another.

FreelanceFlashGames.com has a slew of tasty new posts including: A Review of FGL First Impressions, The Wiz hand held Flash Game Player, and the Flash Game License Encryption Service.

GamingYourWay has a cool new entry on a unique collision detection technique. Sorry about the match last weekend, Squize =~( What happened? Maybe they should spend like City.

Emanuele Feronato.com has a brand spanking new Tutorial on how to make a game like Snow flakes.

GameProducer.net has a very thought provoking entry on How Do You Know If You Game Is Fun.

Here at 8bitrocket towers, we have been busy with a few new things of our own: A Tutorial on basic blitting for rotation and Gamestorm Pod Cast #3.

What’s new on the some retro gaming sites:
Classic Gaming.com has a little entry of the I am 8-bit art exhibit. The super cool Alan “Mr Hotwheels” Donnelly also sent this one out to me a week back.
gamedaily.comhas a little 21 question test on guessing the name of the blurry retro game pictured
game.co.ukhas an article entitled Retro Game Popular because of Older Gamers (Duh!?!)

Fresh KIll (5 cool games that are keeping me from making my own)Game Jacket Edition
License To Die
Pompo and Pompa

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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