Flash Game Development Inter-web Mash-up: September 8, 2008

A selection blogs, articles, tutorials, games, and more that might be on interest to Flash game developers (or any other game developers).

This week we have a great video that tells the plight of most developers; game creation software for Facebook users; Many cool new games; Game design blogs and tutorials on Scoring Systems,  creating web sites in Flash and more; New Gamingyourway developer diaries; A new 8bitrocket GameStorm Podcast; New retro gaming articles plus assorted other goodness.

If you watch ANY video today, you MUST watch the HUG A DEVELOPER video that super cool rocket scientist Alan sent over. Steve and I are working on a day-job project right now where EVERY SINGLE ONE of these has happened.

Rich, over at Photon Storm, has posted about a new game creation system that is being developed by the GameCreators for Facebook. Named Social Arcade, it gives Facebook users the ability to create scrolling platform games (currently) by importing assets (or uses the provided ones), adding behaviors, etc. It looks interesting, and is yet another place for more and more game content to be created by individuals. Also, Rich’s new game, Way of the Chook has been added to Cartoon Network. It is one of the best looking and playing scrolling fighter games I have seen in Flash. Nice work, Rich! Rich has also posted a great set of developer notes on his game dev process. The are well worth the read.

Mr Sun continues his onslaught of articles on game design with a new entry on creating a scoring system for your game. He also has a new tutorial on Creating Perspective in AS2 and AS3.

Over at GamingYourWay, Squize and nGFX have been posting a lot of game dev diary-like entries on their latest games. They are a fun read: Squize: On His working title – GMM (and this one on the same game) and nGFX on some of the problems he has been having with his latest.

Here at 8bitrocket towers, we have been busy with creating the Gamestorm Pod Cast #4.

There’s a free E-Book on creating Websites in Flash that is your’s for the taking (legally).

Will over at ahrooga.com has started to publish his results with monetizing his latest game on his own. These are always interesting reads. By the way, his game Knight Of The Dead is pretty fookin kick-ass! It takes a while to load, but once it is done, you are in for a treat.

What’s new on the some retro gaming sites:
Super awesome retro-fan Rich sent over this great tutorial on creating an Atari 2600 Joystick in Photoshop.

The August issue of Retro Gaming Times has been released. I have been reading this great online, free mag for years.

I don’t know how legal these are, but the classicgamesarcade has a whole bunch of Retro-Remakes that they say can be added to your site. I’ll have to look for legal ones to add here, but while I do that, check out this Flash remake of the Atari ST/Amiga classic Rick Dangerous!

Fresh KIll (5 cool games that are keeping me from making my own) – Mochiads Edition
Golden Arrow 3
Shrooms (it’s a game)
Lunar Mission
Wasser Ski (Water Ski)

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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