8 More Mochi Games Added to the 8bitrocket Retro Showcase

I have been keeping a keen eye on the latest games uploaded to Mochi Ads and have selected 8 games to add to our Retro Showcase. It is difficult to select games for this showcase because even though many good retro inspired games exist on Mochi, we need to make sure that he IP for each game is different enough from the original to post. This time we have added games by Terry Paton (no surprise there), Let’s Design, Cyberzine, hobartstarr, and gest8.

Dragons Run by Terry Paton

8bitrocket take: Very impressive, Metrocross like game. It looks straight out of the Amiga with it’s fast sprites and colorful palette.

Meteor by Terry Paton

8bitrocket take: Very well made Missile Command variant! Everything is silky smooth!

Spang by Terry Paton

8bitrocket take: Spang is a little like breakout and and classic game 16-bit game, Pang. Its is a very fun game and a Terry Paton classic.

Treasure Caves by Terry Paton

8bitrocket take: Another excellent translation by Terry Paton. This time the classic 8-bitter Bounderdash is remade into a modern classic.

ECAPS by Let’s Design

8bitrocket take: Another excellent Geometry Wars style game, which in itself was a combination of multiple retro style games and new unique game play.

Fast Castle Defense by Cyberzine / www.fupa.com

8bitrocket take: Pretty fun little game not unlike the Atari classic, Rampart (most defense games are). Buy cannons, place them along the road and hope they destroy the enemy tanks before your castle is attacked.

6-bit Pixel Force by hobartstarr

8bitrocket take: About as awesomely retro as a game can get! This platformer will bring you straight back to the day you cracked open your new NES and dropped in your first game pack!

Fasteroids by aforshaw/gest8

8bitrocket take: One of the best pure Asteroids variants I have every played!! It’s no secret that Asteroids is my all time favorite arcade game and this one is a great tribute!

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