Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up:September 16, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers. It’s time to hit my favorite Flash sites and see what’s new in game development.

This time we cover some new Zarjaz from Squize; Updates to the Pixel Blitz Engine; An Atari ST classic re-made; Game design discussions with Mr. Sun; A side scrolling engine from Mr. Feronato;creating an avoiding game;some 8bitrocket updates; 4 cool GameJacket games; A smattering of fun retro smash and mash and more.

Over at Gamingyouway, along with some nice game development diary entries on his new game (and here), Squize has also added some Zarjaz (admittedly without the Minter sound track or any beasties) and eye candy for you all to enjoy! The Voxel trip to Mars is especially impressive.

Rich, over at Photon Storm has been busy adding more features to Norm Soule’s Pixel Blitz engine. His latest addition is the fantastic BlitzMouse (right click example here) . He has also finished he latest game, a port and update of a very fun Atari ST Format cover disk game called Abominiball. The post-mortem is here, and you can find the game on FlashGameLicense.com if you have a developer or publisher account.

Speaking of Norm Soule, he is a very cool demo of a panda done in 2d with fake 3d rotation. I wish I could design and illustrate like that!

I like Mr. Sun because he CONSTANTLY updates his site with great game design content. His latest include: Improving a games replay value (and his first tip, creating unlimited Possibilities); Five ways to make sure players read your instructions. I especially agree with these two: Incorporate Aspects of the Gameplay into the Menu System and Make the First Level a Tutorial Level. Also, he has an insightful read on his thoughts against creating your own Flash Arcade Site.# 5 is the best reason to stay out: It Takes a Lot of Time and Money.

8bitrocket friend, Bryson (Son Of Bryce), has added a new entry to his Sokay.net blog detailing what his is working, reading, playing and doing. Bryson is a very interesting chap. I want to try the Sokay Donut game some time!

The Freelanceflashgames site has a couple new code bits articles on some basic topics such as: Timeline control and the ‘if’ control structure.

Emanuele Feronato has a started a pretty cool series on creating a tile-base side scrolling platform engine. Ha also has a nice set of tips on how to learn a new programming language. For anyone struggling to learn AS2 or AS3 (or any other language) for the first time, his set of tips are golden.

Here at 8bitrocket Towers, we have added a few new things in the last week: Gamestorm Pod Cast #5, A little tutorial on drawing primitives and storing them in BitmapData (for as2 and as3), and we have added 8 new awesome games to our growing Retro Showcase.

FrozenHaddock’s TazzyDevil XIII has added the 5th part of their series on creating an avoiding game.

Some Cool Retro Gaming stuff from around the Interweb-o-sphere

The minusworld has an absolutely amazing art display of modern games done to look Atari retro 2600 graphics.

If you are interested in the once great Atari ST computer, or retro games in general, then check out the Atari Legend site. I use it when researching articles. Its only rival is the great www.atari.st site. The site is back online now, I tried to find it this weekend and the server was down. That stopped me from writing my history of Jeff Minter games on Atari computers article. I guess I can start that one up again!

NeedCoffee.com has a cool little set of classic game TV commercials to waste some time on. If you crave more, then Steve put together this awesome set of Atari commercials last year.

Podomatic.com has a new Podcast on retro games By the Games GraveYard.

RacketBoy has a new Together Retro entry on the classic DigDug.

If you like remakes, Classic-retro-games.com has 100’s to play!

Some Fresh Kill From GameJacket.com (games that are keeping me from working on my own)
Psychedelic – I dig the tunes!
Defender– Great little Military Arcade Blaster.
Pulsar – A Thinking man’s Bosconian.
Bouncing Balls– Simple, a little derivative (isn’t everything though, except Bloons), but fun.

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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