Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: October 08, 2008

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: October 08, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers. (New Format: less scatological, more awesomeness). I have separated the Retro content and the survey of new games into separate posts to help keep this organized (and shorter). Last week’s post was just too damn long. I think it scared some people off.

This time we cover new swf and Actionscript protection methods;The FGL 5 Hour game contest (well, 1 entry);More Mr. Sun game design wisdom; A great AS3 preloader; Adsense for Flash games, Game dev diary entries; tutorials and more.

Game Specific Flash and Actionscript Blogs
– nGFX has a entry on the new SWF protection tool they are developing. It looks like it could be quite promising. It essentially hides the entire library of a .swf file inside a single PNG (in bits of binary data). When the swf is de-compiled, by the CRIMINAL, he/she will only get a that single PNG in the library. It will be useless to attempt to change anything and re-export the stolen game. Nice work!
– Squize, not to be out done by his partner in (crime?, punishment?, KICK ASS! – yes, that’s the one) has posted about GYWEncrypt. It is essentially a kick-ass Actionscript Obfuscator He has it in beta for all of YOU to help test, so go for it.
– No more entries by the lovely Kelly this week. Alas, maybe next week…

Photon Storm
– Rich has a new game that he made in 4 hours for last weekends FGL competition. It is a pretty fun little quiz game. Last weekend was really busy at 8bitrocket towers so I didn’t get a chance to enter. (Was I watching the Galaxy losing again? No, I finally said no to watching that disaster for a week. We had in-laws, the Germans from Munich were visiting the LA River for a shindig, Steve’s daughter’s birthday, and more). I would love to enter a competition like that, but I am just too damn slow (plus too busy).Plus, I procrastinate constantly (is that redundant or an oxymoron? or neither).

Mr. Sun

5 Things to do when you are stuck developing your game is a pretty right on new post. I do #1 too often and HATE #2 because I know EVERYTHING and cry when others don’t like my masterpiece. I think I may need some new medication.

Game Poetry
– Let’s hope The Last Preloader You’ll Ever Need, Really is accurate. It looks very nice, but I don’t think it combats the problems of working with Library assets in CS3 (or does it?). Please correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like a FANTASTIC pre-loader for AS3 Flex framework projects (where assets are embedded at compile-time into the final swf), but not necessarily games and apps written in CS3 that require exporting assets (NOT on the first frame). If it will work for those types of apps, then it certainly is the ONLY pre-loader that you will ever need.


– A very thorough list of the best non-blog Flash Tutorial sites (With associated Alexa rankings).
Code Bits on setInterval
A list of the features being added to Mochi (sadly, I was unaware of these for some reason and I procrastinate – *LURK* – on their forums for at least an hour a day).

Emanuele Feronato
A lot of new additions to his new tile-based engine.
A basic level editor contributed by Daniel Felipe Rodriguez.
A tutorial on creating a game like Gold Miner.

Mochi Partners with Google to add adSense for games (SWEET!)
Tomsamson’s KICK ASS Kick-Flip won last Friday game award.

Here at 8bitrocket Towers, we added a new GameStorrm Podcast of Halloween games, and a new making games dev diary entry.

Non-game specific Flash Blogs
The Flash Blog

A list of links to the new CS4 help files.
A Flash on the Beach ’08 Recap

Keith Peters (BIT-101)

Slides from is Flash On The Beach Presentation on Vertlets and Animation (in code obviously)

Fatal Exception Blog

– A very cool Animated Scores Enumerator class for YOU to have.

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.


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