Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: October 17, 2008

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: October 17, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover the latest Flashkit Game Contest; The FHM game contest; New games by Squize, Richard Davey, Steve Fulton, Terry Paton, and Brent Silby; A new As3 rendering technique;Tutorials from Emanuele Feronato;dev diary entries and much more.

Game Specific Flash and Actionscript Blogs
– Squize created a sweet little game for the 48Hr Flashkit competition. He has also posted all of the Flex code and .fla files for the game and his preloader for you all to enjoy (along with a little diary of the dev process). All of the competition entries are listed here. All all of the games show great skill, especially given the limited time-frame (and an international world-cup qualifying weekend games, College Football, and Baseball Playoffs to draw attention away from coding),
– Squize also has posted an interesting entry on the FHM game contest. I have a game I am working on that might fit into this.
– A little bird tells me that Squize will have a great Trick or Treat present for all Flex developers within the next few weeks.

Photon Storm
– Rich has released a new game, called Tractor Beams, and has a dev diary entry to go along with it. It is a very interesting take on a Yahtzee roll and combo game build around the Shaun the Sheep brand. Somehow Rich and I both love Yahtzee. I wonder if he has ever tried the Atari ST version that Steve and I made way back in 1990? That was called ZAMBOOLAZ Poker Dice. We made it with STOS and the STOS digital sampler before it crapped out on us with some sort of electrical short. If you had seen our shared bedroom back then, with Coke cans slopping over everything, it’s a miracle that all of our electronics didn’t fuzz out. Anyway, our game is pretty UGLY, but then I have never claimed to be a graphics wiz. Rich’s game looks much much better =)

Game Poetry
– Panayoti has an excellent article called Fastest Frame Rates with Optimized Rendering. It goes into 3 methods of rendering and introduces a very very interesting concept (and new to me) about using the Built-in Bitmap Renders on a single display object. Read the post for details, but I am going to have to try this in my next game. It sounds very promising.

Emanuele Feronato
Like always, Emanuele is on FIRE! This guy doesn’t quit. He is always offering up a wealth of new tutorials for all.
Create a WordPress MochiAds Leaderboards Widget
New tile based platform engine – AS3 version updated to step 10 PLUS scrolling
Create a Flash game like Gold Miner – step 2

– Mochi have added a cool feature for Publishers that will allow them to add a Mochi Leaderboard to their sites directly.

Here at 8bitrocket Towers,

Steve released his latest game, Daphnie’s Balloon Castle. It was created as a birthday present for his daughter. He put it up on Mochiads and it is getting some pretty good distribution.

We also released a new Pod Cast on driving games (including a new song by me),

and I a couple dev diary entries on my new game.

Non-game specific Flash Blogs
The Flash Blog

– Lee has a Flash CS4 Motion Editor Tutorial.
FlashPitt 08 Recap

Fatal Exception Blog

Performance tests using the WITH statement in AS3

Fresh Kill: New Retro Inspired games by some of my favorite designers:
– Terry Paton – 3D Death Race
– Def-Logic Productions (Brent Silby) – Antartic Gold
– The Edis Brothers – I would like to find more games by these guys, but I can’t find a site for them. They have created some wildly great retro inspired games like Sky Patrol, but I only find portal pages for them and an Ezone sponsorship. If anyone knows where to find more of their great games like Sky Patrol, please let me know.

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.


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