Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Nov 1, 2008

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Nov 1, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

It’s been a couple weeks since I have had time to do a mash-up. I have been busy with my new game and some other 8bitrocket towers duties (cleaning the gutters, removing the memory of the LA Galaxy season from my mind, etc). There is A LOT to cover, so let’s not waste any more of your time. This week we have: Squize’s Papervision demos; new games from The Basement, Photon Storm, 8bitrocket, Oceanwind Games and more; More game BitmapData object oriented engine design brilliance from Panayoti; Emanele’s year long monetization project results; Plus more games, blogs and other cool stuff.

Game Specific Flash and Actionscript Blogs
– Squize explains some of the cool Zarjaz behind his Paper Vision 3d Amiga Cd crew inspired demo called 651 in Vector Bobs.
– nGfx navigates his way around the seemingly unneeded spider web that is/was CS3 sound in AS3 in The Sound of Silence.

Photon Storm
– Rich takes the time to play my new game, Jack’s Beach Blitz and give his very valuable assessment. (thanks for taking the time, Rich, it is much appreciated).
– Rich has unleashed his own cool new game on the flash world called Pumpkin Dash, along with a nice development diary about the game.

– Mark’s great blog makes its first appearance on this mash-up and it will be a permanent one! He has a new game created for thebasement.tv called Surf The Crowd. There is a function in the game that allows you to upload a picture of yourself and play this cool rhythm based game. Mark currently have pre-created people for you to play , such as: Sarah Palin and out very own Steve Fulton.
– Mark also has some other very compelling content on his blog, such as this recent game performance browser comparison.

Game Poetry
-Panayoti begins the exploration of an set of classes to create a BitmapData animation framework in Improving Performance with Animated Bitmaps.
-Panayoti describes the theory behind A Class For Managing BitmapDatas, as well as providing the full source for you to enjoy.

Emanuele Feronato
-Emanuele goes into detail about the results of his year long game montetization project in The Experiment One Year Later.
-Emanuele combines his talents for making platform games with the brilliance of Box2d in Platform Game Basics Using Box2d.

– The truly awesome staff of Mochiland have added a Flash Game Development resource center. They link to Steve’s set of Mochi tutorials on making classic shooter in AS2, but don’t link to anything on this site..we can dream, can’t we?

Freelance Flash Games
– A has a nice post about an auto submit for game script sites in GoofyGamer Automatic Game Submission.
– A great list of sites and companies that offer micro transaction APIs and services.

How to Profit as a Flash Game Deeveloper

Here at 8bitrocket Towers
Jack’s Beach Blitz, a new arcade-based shooter/adventure game, plus the entire dev diary.
GameStorm Podcast #11 on Project Save Atari.
– Aweek long series on how Atari could save itself right now, called Project Save Atari: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5,and Day 7. (day six removed for legal purposes, they’ll NEVER let us post THAT on the internet again!)

New Game Announcements.
Some of these have been submitted directly to us, others are just cool games I have come across on the Internet.
– The Bonus Level has a brand new version of their awesome game, Jump Gear, called Jump Gear 2.
– Matmi has a really cool new adventure game called Mister Ray’s Missing Colors.
Body Invadaers is a new game on Mochi that plays in the classic style of Gyruss.
– The AWESOMELY RETRO FANTASTIC SHOOTER called Hallows Revenge by Oceanwind. (sure to be added to our Retro Show Case shortly).

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose.

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