Flash Maximizer – New Firefox Plug-in for full screen gaming

The Flash Maximizer 1.06 has been released on the Firefox Ad-On page.

Here is the description from the site:
This small extension for Firefox allow you to “maximize” Flash games
(and other Flash content) by clicking a button in the toolbar. The
Flash content will be reloaded in the full browser window, causing it
to resize along with the window. In this way you can play Flash games,
or view other Flash content, in any size you like. This even includes
the Firefox “full-screen mode”, making your favourite Flash games feel
much like “real” games. For the latter, I recommend the “Autohide”
extension (search Google, don’t think it is available here), which can
remove the remaining GUI elements (scrollbar, toolbar etc.) from the
full-screen mode.

It is currently an experimental ad-on that you will need to log in to download and test.


Here is a picture of our game, Jack’s Beach Blitz, running in full screen. It uses a fully blit screen, and that is usually a good test of a full screen app.

The game uses GameJacket for ad serving, and it seems to throw off an awful lot of exceptions when re-sized. That has more to do with gamejacket than the ad-on though.


The game plays fine in full screen after the initial set of exceptions thrown by gamejacket when the screen is re-sized.

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