Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Nov 20, 2008

Game Development
Inter-web mash up: Nov 20, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and
articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover The Casual
Collective; Playing Flash games at Maximum Size; A fantastic Atari ST
Remake; Smart Game Interface Choices; Kongregate’s Kred system; Box2d
Tutorials; The 25 Line Actionscript Contest; Getting Started with Flex
Game Development; A Papervision tutorial; Making Money With Web Games;
A Silverlight Shootorial and more…

Casual Collective

A portal from the creators of the massively successful Desktop Tower
Defense and Flash Element TD called the Casual
has been launched. It
seems to have been up in at least a beta form for a few months now. The
site features the usual assortment of features you would expect fro ma
AAA portal: Multi-player games, chat, message boards, and even an award
and credit economy. With how successful Paul and David have been so
far, this looks like a sure winner.

the Size of your FLASH (if is stays at MAXIMUM size for longer than 4
hours, reboot)

A new plug-in for Firefox will allow you to play games at
‘full-screen’. Called the Flash Maximizer, when invoked it reloads the
current page, asks you which of the running Flash movies to Maximize,
and goes about its business. Games will not be stretch-skewed to fit
screen, so the plug-in first resizes the game for maximum height, and
then scales the width to an appropriate value. (chicks dig width I
hear). It’s pretty cool, I have tested it.

Atari ST Remake, Abominiball hits Agame

Rich, over at PhotonStorm has finally been able to see the release of
his excellent Atari ST remake, Abominaball.
This action puzzle game hit the infobaun on the AAA
portal  Agame.com this week. The wonderful Atari ST fan site, The Joy
Of Sticks
, has a nice comparison
between Rich’s version and the original ST public domain version. You
can read all about the history and the making of this  ST
remake on Rich’s Making
of Abominaball page
. There is a
least one hidden secret in the game : Use the level password
“8bitrocket” to get an Pompey Pirates / D-Bug quality demo screen right
from the ST demo scene days!  The game is getting fantastic
and a huge number of plays on agame. Nice work, Rich!

2.0 User Interface Ideas for Flash Games

The great Panayoti over at GamePoetry has put up the second in a series
of entries entitled Make the Smart Choice So That Your User
Doesn’t Have To
. In
this installment, the use of the web 2.0 concept of creating a simple,
intelligent user interface is demonstrated and explained.

Creates a Monetary System (can it help auto makers in the US?)

Freelance Flash games has a new item on Kongregate
adding a monetary system
“Kreds” that can be purchased by via paypal or credit card. There
currently isn’t too much users can do with the Kreds other than tip
developers (yeah, like that’s gonna work), but soon multi-player games

and virtual items will use the Kreds for game economy. I’m not sure
people who are getting stuff for free are going to jump at the chance
to pay for more stuff unless it is really worth the money. I hope it
works out well for everyone involved though as it is getting more and
more expensive to add/create/sponsor good content..

For AS3 Tutorials

Emanuele Feronato has created some game related tutorials for using the
great Box2d physics engine.
Understanding pixels and meters with
Box2D and how to select an object with mouse – part 1

pixels and meters with Box2D and how to select an object with mouse –
part 2

Dragging objects with Box2D Flash
November 20, 2008 by Emanuele Feronato

All three of these have to do with explaining how to use the concept of
METERS (30 pixel long objects) in Box2d.

25 Lines of Actionscript

If you have the chops to compete with the elite, test your skillz in
this contest that challenges you to create the the best Flash
App possible in only 25 lines of code
  See the template you must follow here,
next read the rules,
then start coding!

Started With Flex Game Development

Bright Bulb has a very nice, very thorough new tutorial on using Flex and MXML to create a
scrolling shooter

to create a Papervision 2.0 Rotating Flat Plane

No, not an airplane, but a flat surface that can rotate in 3d
It’s a good skill to have
and the great DreamInCode site is ready for you if you are ready for

there really money to be made in casual game development?

Gigoam takes a deep look in an article entitled Where’s the Money in Casual Web Game
. The answer? The
usual suspects, but read for yourself and find out.

Free Books on Game

I have no idea of this is legit or not, but this site
has quite a few game development books digitized and downloadbale for
free (mixed in with quite a number of random computer game magazines
and other assorted junk)

What to learn how to make
game in Silverlight?

Check out this Shootorial on making a game in
. I don’t know much
about Silverlight, but it sure as hell looks a lot like MXML…hmm

As always, check out Flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose.

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