Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mashup-up: Dec 4, 2008

Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mashup-up: Dec 4, 2008

What’s new (and old) in the world of Atari – Press releases, blogs, messages boards sites and more…

This week we have A LOT of news from Atari (many older game franchises revived); A lot of ST, 2600, and 800 game reviews and retrospectives; a Leo Laporte (yes, THAT Leo Laporte) review of Mule; A free Atari game development system; Another portable 2600 mod;WOW on the 2600; new emulator releases; and so much more I can’t list it all.

Announcements from the Current Atari
Atari buys the rights to Sam and Max, a great adventure franchise from the last 80’s early 90’s.
Atari Buys the rights to Tale of Despereaux (now defunct, but with now life blood being pumped in).
Atari displeased with how used game sales hurt publishers (great old Atari home computers logo used in this story!!!)
– CVG reports the Chronicles of Riddick team saying "The Move To Atari Has Been Fantastic".
– Atari plans to move to mostly on-line distribution over time.
– Gamespy reports that Atari is reviving the Baldur’s Gate, Test Drive, and Never Winter Nights franchises.
Atari distance themselves from sleazy anti-piracy forces and practices in the UK.

-The wonderful Joy Of Sticks site has a slew of new content for your Atari ST enjoyment: A great article of ST development teams of yesteryear, A Rockford Review, PicrossST, and Oids Review (one of my favorite games of all time).

– The Atari ST Games Blog has a huge selection of reviews a articles of ST games: Panza Kick Boxing (1990), The Flood (1990), and Populous (1990).

– Yet another awesome game blog, Matty On Games has ST content: Grandad Quest For the Holy Vest review, An article on the Oids/Thrust like game called Grav, and a 1994 ST Pac Man port.

– Did you know that Leo Laporte used to write form Hi-Res Magazine? His Atari 800 MULE Review (from back in the day) is 1/2 way down the page.

– Midway, the actual owner of Atari Games Coin-ops, has been sold for $100,000 by Sumner Redstone to a private investor.

Atari has released a free game development system. Complete with 3d editors, compilers, debugger, script editor, etc. Called Atari Lite-C, the free version can be used for non-commercial purposes only.

– The Atari Gear 2600 by Chris Koopa is a VCS crammed into a Game Gear case! Nice mod, Chris!

EmuHQ reports that there is a new version of the great ST emulator (for multiple systems), Hatari. Hatari is open source and does Falcon Emulation (sweet!).Check out the SourceForge page.

– It looks like Molten Core have actually released a World Of War Craft port on the 2600. You should try this via with the Legacy Engineering Group’s Atari CX30 replica UBS Joystick.

Retro Thing has a nice write up on the Androbot – a classic 80’s device that allowed 2600 owners to control a robot.

Lexus uses Atari 2600 Centipede in a new Christmas commercial.

– The Gleaming Goat Blog as a new entry with some love for 2600 games.

David Parrak give a shout out to the 800 in his post of devolving from Hardcore to casual gamer…David, you are MIDCORE!

– A new version of Virtual Jaguar has been released.

– Atari Mania Random 800 Game – Night Strike! – TG Software’s Missile Command like game

– Atari Legend featured ST Game- Paramax.- I have never tried this one, but it looks like a sweet Gauntlet adventure style game.

– Little Green Desktop’s game of the Minute – Rolling Thunder – A Side scrolling platform blaster.

– Recycled Games has a 2600 Dig Dug review and a 2600 Chase The Chuck Wagon Review.

– Here are 8bitrocket, we have added our first Atari Nerd Podcast (because someone had to finally do it), and a review of the new Atari 2600 USB Replica Joystick (playing 7800 emulated games).

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