$100,000 Flash Game Revenue Experiment (updated!)

$100,000 Flash Game Revenue Experiment (updated! now with 25% more free content!)
I stumbled upon the APMID web site this morning. APMID stands for Accumulate Profit Margin Investment Destroy  (I have no idea either). The author (unnamed on the post) is attempting to make $100,000 from casual viral Flash games.

The article is very detailed and he has done his research. He rightly paints game developers are the LOW CREATURE ON THE Flash Game FOOD chain. Which is true and obviously very sad to me at the same time. I completely agree with him though. There is A LOT of money to be made, it is just not being made by the game developers (mostly).

With a click rate on in-game ads of 5%, compared to 1% for banner ads, shouldn’t game developers be raking in more ad money than they do?

In any case, good luck to the author. I can tell him that he is going to need it.

Note: Edit: While I said that I completely agree with his assessment that the game developers seem to earn the least (which I know all too well), I think Squize is right (see comments) that this author seems to be marginalizing the current crop of Flash developers. It would seem (based on his assessment) that we all should be making AT LEAST $4K per game, and we might be lame/idiots/dullards for not doing so. All of you who have slaved for hours and hours making your baby to only see it fail to get any solid bids and few portal additions know what I am talking about.

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