Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Dec 10, 2008

Flash Game Development
Inter-web mash up: Dec 10, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and
articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover: The Nov/Dec
25 lines of code contest; Using the factory Design Pattern; Creating
the prefect maze with tiles; a $100,000 Flash indie game attempt;
Puzzle Pirates Birthday; Flash CS4 tutorials; Path finding; Site
Locking;  and more…

25 Lines of Code Finalists
I happened over to Mark (IckyDime)’s great Flash blog and was reminded
that the 25 lines of code Nov/Dec contest was
, and the finalists had been
posted.  I especially like this game,
and this fire works display,
but they all
are deserving entries.

Using the Factory Pattern
for Object Creation

Cheezeworld has another great article in a continuing series on Game
Structure. This time Colby deals with Game Object Creation – The Factory
.   Colby has
done a lot of good research on the topic, and I am very interested to
see where this all leads.

Brown and the Case of the Missing Sun

The Mr. Sun blog had been a favorite of mine for 6 months when suddenly
(in October), it ceased to be updated any longer. I have been checking
back every week to add new entries to this round-up, but nothing new
turned up in quite a while. In the back of my mind I feared that Mr Sun
had been in an accident, or was so pissed off at the indie casual Flash
game industry that he just up and left, but no, he’s just been goofing off and trying to get some
inspiration for his new games

The Perfect Maze, this time with tiles

Emanuele Feronato
has taken his recent tutorial on creating the perfect maze and improved
upon it with a PHP tutorial that covers using tiles
to create the maze
. The code is
very simple and straight forward, so it will be very easy to translate
to any langauge including AS3.

This Guy Make $100,000 from Casual Flash Games?

Probably not, but I wish him the best in his attempt.
His comments on the Flash gaming community have caused a little stir here,
and at his own site.

Pirates Turns 5 (can now legally sit in a car with only a booster seat)

One of the first browser-based Multi-player games I ever played was
Puzzle Pirates
. I lost track of
my character and stopped playing when my son was born (4 years ago),
but it looks better than ever and has features galore! If you want to
see what a great multi-player, casual game experience is on the web,
look no further.

CS4 Tutorials

If you have made the switch and are looking for some direction in how
to test out some of the cool new features of CS4, Kirupa has the sweet
smack for your craving: Intro to CS4,
and the Bone Tool.

Flash Truth Blog

On reason I like to do this Mash-Up each week is finding undiscovered
gems in the wild. I came across a great blog called The Flash Truth
dedicated to Game Dev and Business. Some interesting recent posts
topics like: Game makers relying on the number of
plays as a success measure
; An
interview with the Elite Forces Creator, Badim;
and How contests trick developers to work
for free

With Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Mochi Land has
posted a very informative tutorial on path finding
by RHUaridh Clark
from a Forum post), on using Dijkstra’s shortest path Algorithm in
games. He doesn’t give any Actionscript code to copy and paste (take
that script kiddies), but offers a very thorough discussion of how to
implement it with pseudo code and diagrams.

to Site Lock A Game

Freelance Flash games have a nice new beginners article on site locking a
. (AS2).

goes Mac

A long time ago I made I simple game with a cool free tool called
GameMaker without any real programming. I left the install on my PC
when it was put out to pasture and figured that I maybe boot it into
Parallels if I wanted to teach my 4 year old how to make a simple game.
Pretty soon I will be able to do this
ON MY MAC natively
(and create
Mac games)!!! Splendid.

As always, visit Flashgameblogs.com
for your daily dose…

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