Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mashup : Dec 12, 2008

Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mashup : Dec 12, 2008

What’s new (and old) in the
world of Atari – Press releases, blogs, messages boards sites and
more. Enough stuff to get an Atari nerd/geek fired 5X over at work.

This week we have massive
coverage of all things Atari – from current Infrograms stuff
to 2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 800. Atari 7800, Atari ST, Lynx, and Jaguar!
 Highlights: The angry gamer reviews the 5200 and to combat
them, Retro Ware do 5200 Super Breakout justice in a well done video
review. Also we have tons of old-skool game reviews like: 2600 Bank
Heist, 8-bit Space Dungeon, 7800 Galaga, Lynx Xevious and much more.
We have classic youtube commercials, interviews, new
emulators, and of course…much much more. =)

from the Current Atari

– Yahoo has a nice article summarizing a lot of stuff similar to what I
have posted here in the last few weeks. The article covers the re-emergence of the
Atari Brand
, and a selection of
other interesting topics
Buys Cryptic Studios
, a USA
based MMO developer. Cryptic has 3 games set to launch in the next
couple years: Champions
(2009), Star
Trek Online
(2010), and a
secret project (2011)
. Here’s
to the secret project being a Ghost Busters MMO game…


I don’t agree with this guy’s assessment
that Atari 2600 Empire Strikes back was a “pretty lame game”, but the
to beat it video that is included in the post is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

– The blog has a nice entry on Atari 2600
Christmas presents
in days gone
by and some more youtube nostalgia.
– More 2600
nostalgia and a youtube video

over at 80’s addict.
– Recycled Gaming has review of Bank
Heist for the 2600
– Random Atari Age game of the Day: Condor
Attack by Ultravision
– The video game critic has added reviews of the 2600 games: Mario
, Stella’s
, and Dig Dug.
– Digital Press interviews
Bruce de Graaf
, creator of many
a budget Atari 2600 game.
– Old School Gamer reviews Galaxian for the 2600
(scroll down for a 5200 and Colecovision reviews also).


– (I know this is old, but I have never seen it)The angry video game
nerd (great theme song btw). Reviews the Atari 5200.
 Choice quote: “This is the reason the system failed, this. In
the name of god, heaven and hell, everything in between, every creature
on earth, by the far reaches of the galaxy, by the inner rims of the
universe, and every mega verse in the ultra verse, let it be known, let
the word be known, this controller is fucking horrible”. Aside from
the colorful language, it is pretty funny and well done. 
– Video history of 5200 Super Breakout
by Retro Ware TV.  This is VERY WELL DONE. These guys should
have their own tv show.
– Old School Gamer reviews Galaxian for the 5200
(scroll down passed the 2600 review).
– Dave Greco’s history
of the analog stick
is an
interesting read and includes a 5200 mention as well.


This site
has a cool old Atari 800 ad and (scroll down) a lot of other scans and
cool zar jaz.
– has a pretty
decent Atari 800 page
– Atari Mania random Atari
8-bit game: Space Dungeon
. This
was a 5200 coin-op conversion that was itself converted over to the
8bit computers.
– Bill at the Every Game I Own blog tackles 8bit Castle Crisis.


– Atari 7800 (as well as NES) Galaga review.
– A new version of the ProSystem 7800 emulator
is available.

Atari ST

– The Joy Of Sticks Blog
has a review of a NEW ST game
Sudoku with Bob Fossil(?!). Also, there are some hints of actual Fossils being uncovered from ST
years passed

– Atari Legend is down for a couple days so no awesome random ST game
from them this week.
– On that note, the Little Green Desktop random game of the day is: The
original Starflight
(what a game!)
– We added and Atari ST remake to our Retro Showcase Arcade.


– The Retro Gamer Blog has a new entry in the continuing saga of the Atari Lynx Collection.
– A new version of the Lynx emulator, Handy
is available.
– The Lynx Exhibit
– The incredible Every Game I Own
blog has some nice Lynx (and NES) Xevious
coverage (as well as Raiden coverage).


Old School Gamer Alien Vs Predator review.

other Atari stuff

– Wired has an article
on uWink
, the relatively new
Nolan Bushnell social dining venture.
– IGN (found via the awesome has a list of
the top 10 video game Turkeys
must have missed this for a couple weeks). The Jaguar, ET, and 2600 Pac
Man are listed, so they have ABSOLUTELY NO CREATIVITY
WAT-FUCKIN-SO-EVER! There were many worst video game systems and games
than these, especially by Atari. Come on guys, do a little work, these
3 are always on lists like this. I am glad that the bore-fest
is on this list
though. Some of these others show some creative thinking, so why not be
more creative with the Atari entries: Demons to Diamonds, Custer’s
revenge, beat-em and Eat-em could have been better (off the top of my
head)…the list of possible entries is huge.

Other Retro Gaming stuff
– Not much Atari content in it any more, but Retro
Gaming Times
is still going
strong and the new issue is worth a read.

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