Well crafted Law Of The West Pinball added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

The particularly well  crafted retro pinball game, Law of the West, has been added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade. This game was created by the artisan professionals at Gamingyourway.com in the tradition of 70’s and 80’s arcade to pinball cross conversions. Atari and Bally Midway did a number of Pinball machines based on arcade classics, and the Gaming Your Way team pay homage to that tradition with a conversion of their classic retro shooter of the same name : Law of The West.


8bitrocket’s Full Take: This excellent pinball game brings back so many memories. First, it replicates the 70’s and 80’s tradition of making a pinball table themed with assets from an existing video game (GYW’s Law of The West). Plus, the look of the table and the classic 80’s layout is a tribute to some of the greatest table designs in the history of the pinny game (both video pinball games of the early 90’s and 80’s stand-alone tables).  On the technical side, it is a rock solid achievement and a model of what can be done with the swf platform and a nice physics engine (Box2D – as painstaking as it must have been to to do in a detailed environment such as a pinball table even with that great physics library).

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