Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Dec 29, 2008

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Dec 29, 2008

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we have:
A new version of Flash Develop; More dev diary and playable demos from Squize; A
very informative Zobieland game postmortem; Creating games with Papervision 3D;
Using Bitmapdata for collisions in a side scroller; The best sites to learn and
discuss Flash; Does your Browser History depict your gender? Whiflash is finally
launched; A Sudoku creator / solver in AS3; Emanuele’s in game ad tests, and

Flash Develop 3.0 RC 1.0 is released!

latest version
of the incredible piece of software has been released. (Donate
to them
). It includes new Zarjaz such as Live Syntax Error Checking for AS3,
Smart contextual event type completion, and a lot more exciting code head stuff.

Squize’s X is coming along very nicely
Over at the
Gamingyourway.com site, Squize has posted some
new builds of his Asteroids (rocks) / Geometry Wars (control) blaster,
X. It is very fun,
looks great and should be a great addition to our
Retro Arcade
if and or when it can be distributed.

Creating A Game With
Papervision 3D
Mochiland has published a very cool new

article by Iain Lobb
that is more discussion than tutorial on the merits of
Papervision and the process needed to make a game with it.

Storm celebrates the holidays with an Atari ST inspired demo

posted this last week
, but I am just coming out of a post x-mas stupor and
am finally posting about it, it will also go into my
Atari Nerd
Round Up this week. The music for
his x-mas
card / demo
was taken directly from an Atari ST chip tune.

BitmapData for collision detection in an art-based side scroller

Mark, over at the Ickydime blog, has some very

interesting new posts
on his side scroller game engine. He is creating a
game that needs fluid animation and large characters, so he doesn’t want to be
stuck into tile based or even grid based collision checks. His has some good
ideas about how to accomplish this.

Mr Sun’s list of tutorial sites
for Flash
I’m happy to see Mr. Sun make a comeback to the world of
blogging, and his latest entry is a very nice collection of the

11 best sites (with tutorials, message boards, etc) for learning Flash/a>..

Freeland Flash Games How To Make A Hit
Freelance Flash Games
has a new feature on

how to make a hit game
. The list features 7 good tips for making games on
any platform.

Zombieland Postmotem

is one kickass game. It reminds me of some of the best NES side scrollers from
yesteryear. You can check out the postmortem on 

(and a link from

Game Poetry

I have have always been intrigued by Sudoku, but never tried it enough to be
good at it. Here, Emanuele gives you a

nice tutorial on how to write a solver in AS3
. He also has a

nice write up
on the results of his own in-game ad banner tests. He got 2
Paypal donations!

Does your web browsing indicate your gender?
A few weeks back I saw this

posted at the I’m
Still Here blog
, but didn’t have a chance to check it out. Tom says that he
is 100% male, but because I can’t use my computer for too many traditionally
MALE internet activities (what with the little kids running around all the
time), the site seems to think that I am at least 36% female. Pretty funny. It
is based on browser history (which I tend to clean out a lot).  These are
the sites it recognized and listed as making me 36% female: Facebook, Yahoo,
Google, and Miniclip. These sites made me 64% male: IMDB, Weather, and Bestbuy.

Hatu’s Whiflash launched
I have been monitoring the
progress of this game for a few months because it reminds me of a few 8/16 bit
classics that I used to love playing (Gateway
to Apshai
Temple of
) also some modern console games (Baldur’s
Gate Dark Alliance
It has
finally been launched on Newgrounds
. I also plan to add this to our
Retro Arcade when (and
if) I can.

As always, visit Flashgameblogs.com/a> for your daily dose…

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