Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 7, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 7, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover: New Mochi features; Squize’s X++ as the Zarjaz; The importance of using focus groups; What to do with all the ideas in your head; Tutorials on Platform games and AS3 Game structure design; Some advice on achievements to add to your games; How to make better programmer art; FP 10 sound experiments; Enemy AI – running from the player; A couple new postmortems and earnings reports from game developers and more…

New Mochi Ads Features
The Mochi team has been busy over that last few weeks preparing some new features for their users.
– The Mochi Flash Gaming Summit (Jan 15th) is fast approaching and they have open nominations for Mochi Awards.
– They have new Facebook integration features.
– They also have a new beta test for self serve ads. You can become a tester by emailing them: ss-support@mochimedia.com.

X++ is coming along nicely!
I hate to over use Jeff Minter seminal gamer tag – “ZARJAZ!”, but Squize is creating a new game in a series of blog entries that deserves that description..
Check out the current build (13 as of this entry).
Check out the last three (1, 2, 3) entries on the development of the game.

The importance of focus groups
Mark’s Ickydime blog has a nice entry focused on the importance of focus group testing for a project he has been working on for The Basement.tv. Mark and his team took the focus groups comments to heart and were able to make fixes in a two week window that they had luckily padded themselves. It goes to show us that what is cool, new, and easy to web the web savvy designers might not be quite so when a group who have no experience with the design get to test it.

Things to do when your mind if bubbling with game ideas
Check out Mr. Sun’s entry for his list. Now-a-days when I get a game idea, I fire up the Xbox 360, hit the arcade and try to find a similar game…then I play it and forget to make any of my own.

Create A Platform Game in AS2
Part 7 in Mr. Sun’s series is live. This one deals with the finishing touches, so now it is your job to read all 7 and learn yourself some AS2 Kung Foo. Hmm, “Kung Foo” wasn’t chosen because of Mr’s Sun’s heritage, it was chosen because I already over used “ZarJaz” in this post. No need to send angry cards and letters, it was an unfortunate coincidence.

Freelance Flash Games big list of achievements
No, it isn’t a list of awards and trophies he won playing soccer, baseball, and in Cub Scouts when he was younger. This is a list to give you some great ideas for adding achievements into your own games.

Better Programmer Art
Game Poetry has a link over to this great Devnet article by Joel Davis. Game Poetry also has a very well thought out entry on taking breaks to help get over stumbling blocks when working on a project (Maximizing Efficiency By Taking Breaks).

Designing the Structure of an AS3 Flash Game
Emanuele Feronato has posted Part 2 of this very well done series. Part 1 is here.

Playing with sound Analysis in AS3 Flash Player 10
Nate over at Interactive Crap has been doing some interesting experiments with sound in FP 10. The result looks to me a lot like the Matrix style text waterfall but with colored squares that are calculated directly from the sound spectrum of an mp3 file. It’s pretty cool and something to keep an eye on as he progresses.

AI behavior – Enemy that run from the player
Freeactionscript.com has a new tutorial and code examples on creating AI enemy that are repulsed when the player moves near them: Enemy AI – Run Away From The Player.

The Flash Truth about CPM and earnings between Mochi and GameJacket
I won’t spoil the suspense, BUT WORD WORD WORD and WORD for WORD! This Flash Truth Blog post sums up our experiences with both Mochi and GameJacket in 2008 also.

Game Set Watch Postmortem on (I Fell In Love With) The Majesty Of Colors’
Game Set Watch has a nice write up by one of their contributors (Daniel Benmergui) on the development and results for the game (I fell in love with) The Majesty Of Colors.

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