Apple II remake Lander Anniversary added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Apple II remake, Lander Anniversary, added to the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade

Lander Anniversary by Megazorb ( is a remake of his own Apple II game from back in the early days of hobby computing. This version has at least one thing the older version (probably) did not – A Bitchen’ 8-bit rag doll-like (well physics based at least) death sequence.

In the author’s words:
Land your craft on the alien landscape avoiding the vectoroids. This is a new version of my first published game 25 years ago in the Apple ][ magazine: Windfall. We liked the game so much I re-wrote it.

Use Left and Right arrows to steer, and Up arrow to thrust. Press SPACE to miniaturise your craft for a few seconds. Thrusting and miniaturising use up your fuel so be careful not to run out. Land on the base


8bitrocket take:
Lander Anniversary is a fantastic re-creation of the Apple II game  that Megazorb created in the 80’s. This new version looks a little bit more pretty than the Apple was capable of with some eye pleasing particle effects and nice music, but the game play is the ticket. I would have had this up a couple days ago, but every time I fired it up to take a screen shot I couldn’t stop myself from playing one more time.

Play it in the 8bitrocket Retro Arcade.

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