Silverlight Game Development Interweb Mash-Up, Jan. 11 2009

Silverlight Game Development Interweb Mash-Up, Jan. 11 2009

Now that we are expanding to more indie game dev technologies, we will also expand our world famous “interweb mash-ups” to those technologies. Don’t worry Flash fans though, Jeff’s regular Flash interweb mash-up will remain unchanged, we are simply adding a new one to cover our new Silverlight friends.

We start with the king daddy of them, Bill Reiss. His blog Silverlight Games 101 is the current best source for developing games in Silverlight. Bill has tons of great content. His newest entry is about basic bitmap animation in Silverlight . Another great entry entry is “Making Asteroids For The Game” which, curiously, mirrors many of our similar tutorials for Flash AS2 and AS3. I also like this one, Creating A Game Loop, because, again, it is similar to how we attack these problems in Flash. Bill is also the co-author of a Silverlight book named Hello! Silverlight 2. We will be watching Bill’s blog closely in the future.

Microsoft’s site posted 33 new application into their showcase this week including these cool new games: Mahjongg, Mountain Pass Tower Defense, Silverlight Tetris and several more. The game entries here still seem a bit thin though…

We like Retro games, and what is more retro than Manic Miner?(well, lots, but it’s pretty retro) Here is a video discussion from two guys who recreated Manic Miner in Silverlight and XNA. Awesome. (Part 1)(Part 2)

Also, this is a couple months old, but take a look at Brighthub’s 4 part series on making games with Silverlight.

Finally, we started our own blog about Silverlight game development this week. It started with our horrible experience installing the tools necessary to develop Silverlight apps, but then moved into a two-part series about creating a simple game in Flash and then coding nearly the exact same thing in Silverlight .

That’s it for this week. Keep your eye for the mash-up next time on


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