Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mash up – Jan 13, 2009

Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mash up – Jan 13, 2009

What’s new (and old) in the world of Atari – Press releases, blogs, sites and more…

If you are looking for anything recent in the world of Atari (new or old) you will probably find it here. We scour the web to bring you the latest news, reviews, blogs, and more on classic Atari systems, as well as news from the world of the current Atari.

Announcements from the Current Atari

Atari to launch Ghost Busters on June 16th, 2009. It will launch the same day as the Blue-Ray version of the original Movie. It will initially be available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS formats.

Early Atari and Atari History

The History of Pong at Gamasutra by Bill and Matt from Armchair Arcade

-Atari Protos takes a visit to Sunnyvale and finds the old head quarters.

-Retro Blast interviews Legacy Engineering’s Curt Vendel.

Atari 2600

– If you are interested in the 2600 at all, the book Racing the Beam is a MUST HAVE. It contains an in depth look at 6 games for the system: Combat, Adventure, Pac-Man, Yars’ Revenge, Pitfall!, and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. It goes into detail on every aspect of the games’ development, design, coding, and more.

-Check out the 2600 Groom’s Cake.

-Recycled Gaming reviews 2600 Combat.

-Recycled Gaming reviews 2600 Boing!

-Recycled Gaming reviews 2600 Armor Ambush.

-Atari Proto’s finds and reviews the 80% complete 2600 version of Turbo.

-Retro Gamer Magazine Online reviews 2600 Kangaroo.

-The Lotsa ‘Splainin’ 2 Do blog has a list of the author’s 9 favorite (and 1 not so) 2600 games. What makes this even more interesting is that he actually wrote games for the system. He didn’t list any of his own in his favorites though.

-The bearstonecottage blog has a very long and detailed history of the 2600.

Atari 5200

-Old School Gamer reviews 5200 Pacman (as a well as 2600, Intellivision, NES and GameBoy)

Atari 7800

-Retro Roms has a nice new entry of the 7800.

-A new version of EMU7800 has been released.

-Popcorn Critics 10 minute video review of Ball Blazer for the 7800.

-Console Wars Of The Past video on the 7800.

Atari 8-bit Computers

-fridgebuzzz has placed and entire analog synthesizer inside and Atari 400.

-Make Online has a feature on Ben Heck’s Atari 800 mod into a ITX mother board PC.

-Sebastian Tomczak has posted a set of samples taken directly from the Atari Pokey sound chip.

-Even more Pokey madness as Synthtopia is reporting and showing a demo of the Pokey being controlled and played via Midi.

-Random game from the Atari Mania’s world class collection: Killer Chess.

Atari ST

There is a new ST emulator for the Wii based on Hatari.It doesn’t say whether or not it will run from a CD, so I assume it needs to run from an SD card. It uses the Wii-mote to emulate the ST mouse (you can also plug in a USB mouse). It requires a USB keyboard to run properly.

-How to capture S-Video out from your ST.

-If you are looking for a huge collection of Atari ST games on DVD, then look no further

-The Joy of Sticks reviews the opening sequence to Epic in First Impressions #2.

-The Joy of Sticks pimps the very deserving D-Bug site.

Atari Legend is still down…

-Little Green Desktop’s random game: Night Breed, the Interactive Movie.

Atari Lynx

-Honglong1976 has a very nice mini review of Lynx Hard Drivin’.

-Intomobile has a list of the top hand held gaming innovations. The Lynx Back-lit display is #8.

Atari Jaguar

-The Every Game I own blog plays and reviews Club Drive…and actually likes it. I like the name ‘Poop Car’ Myself.

-Retro Gaming Times reviews Trevor McFur and the Crenscent Galaxy– hint: they don’t like it much.

Various other Atari

– Ben Heck has Ben “Hacked” a Xbox 360 controller into an Atari Joystick.

– Minusworld has their hilarious Atari Modern Classics now as a set of downloadable wallpapers.

Giant Atari Joystick lamp anyone?

-This blog has a biography entry on Bernie Stolar.

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