Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 14, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 14, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover: Sound Classes and Api for As3; The New Flash Developer magazine; A Flash Joystick; Mochi / Facebook integration; Many game design articles and tutorials; The real truth about who makes money with viral Flash games; Silverlight v. Flash and much more.

The Actual Truth about YOUR Role in the Flash Game Business
The Flash Truth blog is turning out to be a very very good source of insightful information and analysis on the grass roots Flash game/portal industry. Understanding the Flash Game Space is another outstanding article and analysis of paltry earnings for most game developers.

The Flash Joystick!
Squize and nGfx wrote about this yesterday. It looks pretty damn cool. The FlashJoystick is an application that allows the user to play Flash games with an Xbox 360 controller. It currently works in Windows only, and there is also a component available, written in AS3 that allows developers to target and Xbox 360 controller and support RUMBLE!

Flash Game Developer Magazine
Sign up for the inaugural issue or lend a hand and contribute. The first issue hits your in box in Spring of this year. Rich Davey of, Photon Storm and Little Green Desktop fame, is running the show so it is sure to be informative, useful, fun, and an overall class act. .

What Makes A Viral Game?
Let the incomparable Mr. Sun teach you the principles.

Mochi + Facebook = <3
Mochi has added Facebook Integration to their Leader Boards. Click the [Friends] tab in any leader board enabled game or widget to see it. Users will be able to log into Facebook (or at least provide their credentials) in the leader board and then see friends’ scores or challenge them to a game. You need to install and configure the Mochi Bridge on your site to ensure traffic comes back to your own portal.

A Great Sound Manager Class!
Colby, over at Cheezeworld has created a wonderful little class to help manage sounds in AS3. It is very elegant and useful.

Using the Factory Method for Object Creation
Colby also has a very well done, simple explanation on using the Factory Design Pattern for making game objects.

Will a right-click menu work for muting and other options in Flash Games?
I like it, and Panayoti seems to think it is a good idea (In a new Paradigm For Muting). What do you think?

Wanna to how to use Box2D and make a physics based Arkanoid Clone?
Emanuele will show you how. It is pretty impressive, so be on the look out for script kiddie clones on your favorite portal tomorrow.

Enemy AI: Random Movement and Random Change Direction
Free Actionscript has posted the latest in their series of tutorials (in this case a .fla file to download and play with) on creating basic enemy AI.

Sound Skin – A API / Wrapper for for AS3 Sound Control
Another very promising sound manager class/api: This Google Code project was created by Greg ‘bigmac’ MacWilliam. It looks pretty cool and can be found at this Google Code Page.

Silverlight v.Flash
– Steve has been doing a serious of articles on game programming in both technologies (Part 1, Part 2).
– This site (Shine Draw – dedicated to the Flash v. Silverlight discussion) has an article on how Silverlight is better (their words, not mine) for an example driving game collision detection. They compare HitTestObject (AS3) against FindElementInHostCoordinates (SilverLight 2). There certainly are much better ways to do this in Flash (BitmapData.hitTest for one). The comments have some other ways to do it in Silverlight. The one thing to note is that there is NOT a comparible built in HitTest (bounding box) method that is easy to use in (yet).

As always, visit Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose…

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