Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 23, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 23, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover: Flashgamedistribution.com in beta; New PixelBlitz features and demos; A new Mochi contest; tips for protecting your high scores; How to get Flex FP10 and Eclipse to play well together; How to use Google OpenSocial with Flash games; plus a bunch of tutorials, and more.

FlashGameDistribution.com (Beta)
If you are interested in joining the beta for the new game distribution service provided by the team behind FlashGameLicense, then hop on over there and sign up. This service is very much needed and hopefully it will become a method that can alleviate game devs from having to spend countless hour submitting their games to portals only to be ignored or rejected 90% of the time – now we can be ignored and rejected without much work =). I hope the service actually improves the situation, and given the people behind it, I am exited at the possibilities.

Also, for those interested in such statistics (me), FreelanceFlashGames has posted some interesting erata statisics on FlashGameLicense. For example, did you know that average sponsor view for games that have sold on FGL is 54, while the average sponsor view for all games is 28? With a couple of my games hovering just over the 12 mark, I can understand why I scramble pay for hosting this site (make better games, Jeff, DUH!)

PixelBlitz is Crankin’
Rich Davey has been putting a lot of time lately into the Norm Soule released PixelBlitz game engine. He has an impressive shoot’em’up demo running and has been adding features to the engine such as integration with Box2D. You can check out the engine and all of the updates at the PixelBlitz.org site.

How To Get Flash 10 For Flex to Work in Eclipse
Mark G (IckyDime) has a nice new how to on setting up Eclipse to target the Flash 10 player.

Make A Vertical Shooter in AS2
Mr. Sun has posted the final installment of his six part series on making a classic vertical shooter in AS2. It is a well done series, and I am sure there will be quite a few Mochi clones of this floating around soon.

4 Good Tips For Protecting the High Score In You Game
I have them memorized now, but you will have to visit Freelanceflashgames to find out what I know and you don’t (yet).

Applying Recursive Development to Games
No, I don’t mean writing a recursive algorithm for a Tetris or Match 3 game (that would make a good tutorial though, hmm). I mean hopping over to Game Poetry and checking out the post on using recursion to actually develop your games. The core idea is that any large game is made up of many smaller medium sized games, and each of those medium sized games is made up of a series of smaller games. It is little like using a BSP tree or a grid for collision detection but applied to the game development process (my words, not theirs. They are much more eloquent that I ever could be).

Designing the structure of a Flash AS3 game (The Italian Way)
Emanuele has posted the third part in his series on designing the structure of a Flash AS3 game. He also has a really really nice new header graphic and logo, and he has also been experimenting with selling his own in-game banner ads. It seems to be working out well for him. For example, SamePhysics has Mochi ads at the beginning AND a banner ad inside the game during game play.

A Simple Method to Target The Closest Enemy MC in a Game
Freeactionscript has a demo and .fla if you have the need. Also, check out the simple Flash Light Effect. Pretty sweet.

Video Turorial on MovieClip Communication
Flashgameu.com has a nice video tutorial on on communicating between movieclips in AS3.

Use Google OpenSocial to socialize your Flash games
DevX.com has a great tutorial on using the Javascript API to add social features into your games.

The Mochi World of 3D Contest
Mochimedia and Freespin 3D have teamed up for a contest with some attractive prizes. To qualify, your game must use the Freespin API, and incorporate the Mochi Version Control and encryption services.

As always, visit Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose…

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