Play Retro DOS Games Easily on your Mac (or PC, but not as easily)

Play Retro DOS Games Easily on your Mac (or PC, but not as easily)

The ultra cool DOSBox software has been available for the Mac (as well as Windows and Linux platforms for a while now), but I always had a little trouble getting some of my favorite games to work : Raptor, Wolf 3d, Doom, Halloween Harry, etc can all be made to work with a decent knowledge of the software settings and a little patience. I have always lacked the necessary time to play with it and get them to work until now.

Now, with the help of Boxer, built on top of DosBox, you can very easily play almost any DOS game on your Mac.


Just install the app by dragging it to your applications folder (or any folder really) and it will be ready to use. It comes with 4 demo games: Commander Keen 4, Epic Pinball Demo, Ultima Underworld demo, and the X-Com UFO Defense Demo. All are playable right out of the box (so to speak). You can easily find links to 100’s more demo and full games (IP released by the owners only of course). These are easily installed by simply dragging the folder of game install files to the Boxer “Drop games here to install them” program.

I found the demo of a Wolf 3d engine created game called Blake Stone. It plays in a large window on my iMac, but here  it in a small window (good for web consumption).

I have spent a little too much time playing with this wonderful app. Anyone who misses those days gone by, or who never experienced them should try out Boxer (Mac)  or DosBox (PC).

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