Silverlight Game Development Interweb Mash-Up Jan. 30th, 2009

It is still very quiet on the Silverlight game development front this week. However, we will forge through as we believe this platform is going to be very significant very soon.

Microsoft has not added any more games to their Showcase this week, but the community gallery has added a couple small ones:

  • Tic Tac Toe by Lee Saunders is a version of this very simple game, but Lee has included all the code and project files. I look forward to his next experiment in A.I.
  • SimpleVB has a cool little “bouncing ball” game reminiscent of many Flash games out there. It shows a lot of promise.

The Mix 2009 10K Smart Coding Challenge Has A ton Of Cool Silverlight Game Entries. The key to the contest is to Make a game in 10K or less. I love stuff like this because it forces programmers to really think about what they are going to to use in their game, and still make it fun.

  • Battle Planes is a take on Battleship by Sorin Tarceatu.
  • Bubble Mania by Gabriel Nitulescu is in the “Click Like Things Next To Each Other To Make Them Disappear” genre. It’s simple, but games like this are always enjoyable.
  • Silver Rubix is a great looking Rubiks Cube simulation by Timmy Kokke.
  • Spin And Win is a gorgeous slot machine simulator by Grant Archibald
  • Warp Jumper, a cool pseudo 3D bouncing ball game from Wian van Aggelen
  • Silverhack, Tommi Pirttiniemi’s version of Nethack written in Silverlight

There are many more good games too, so check out the full list of entries.

Here is something old, but really cool: Chris Bowen’s list of Silverlight Games (some with source code) from last June.

Also, here is a very recent Silverlight vs. Flash game comparison from the masters over at ShineDraw: Snake Snacks Game.

Finally, we launched our own new game written in Silverlight named “Zamboozal Silverlight”, based on a game we made 20 years go. You read about it and play it here:

Anyway, that is it for this week. We’ll back again next time with even more…

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