Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 31, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Jan 31, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover: The biggest browser based  game sites; A selection
of general game design topics (applicable to Flash, Flex and other dev systems);
Tutorials on AS3 specifically, Box2D, and BitmapData effects; The 4K game
competition; Using Digg to your advantage; Emotion in games; Audio Design, and
much more…

Everything you need to know to become a Video Game Designer
GameDev.net’s Tony Nuynh provides the goods in a

very in-depth article

What are the biggest browser based game sites?
Squize (over at gamingyourway.com) has found the list on Gamasutra.
I feel (I’m not rocket scientist) that browser based 3D (especially Unity) is
going to be the next big thing (or is now). The ranks of bedroom and indie 3D game developers will thin out as the technologies get more expensive and difficult to develop for though. I’d love to see Mochi and GameJacket ads in all browser-based game/multimedia content. That will just help drive up the eCPM for everyone.

On that Note, ComScore has released their online games study
Freelance Flash Games is reporting that ComScore has released their list of the top browser games sites (probably the same data used in the Gamasutra article).

Make a Rhythm Based Game in AS3
Mr. Sun has posted the 7th and final (finishing touches) installment in his series on creating a Rhythm Based game in AS3.

Colby’s Programming TidBits – Constraining the MAX Rotation Turn Rate Per Second
Cheezeworld has posted a new, very well done, tutorial on using a Matrix to constrain the amount of rotation an entity can rotate per second or tick.
He has the code library ready for you to use even if you can’t understand what is going on.

4K Game Competition
Game Poetry and Urbansqual are

hosting a 30 day 4K game competition
. There will be a monetary prize of some
sort (not necessary, but very cool by the way). I have an idea for my entry, and no, there is no way my entire game framework will fit in 4K because I write
code like a bloated bastard. I will have to fly by the seat of my pants on this

Free graphics for use in any game
Tim Wendorf has created a free tile sheet of fruit, veggies, food and
other items that can be used in just about any game.

Fatalexception has the

Ultimate Collection of Free Vector Pack

BOX2D For Absolute Beginners (no Bowie songs included)

Emanuele has

part 1

part 2
of his excellent BOX2D tutorials up on his site.

Freeactionscript.com goodness
Freeactionscript.com has
been hard at work lately…
Bitmap Particle Explosion

Bitmap Particle Explosion with Gravity

Bitmap Mouse Trailer with Graviity

Bitmap Smoke Trailer

vertical bitmap smoke trailer

BitmapData – center Bitmap inside a MovieClip

BitmapData – Attach an Image Dynamically

And more. Phil has been on fire lately, so check out his ZarJaz.

How to Harness the Power of Digg
You mean there’s more to
it than being 13 years old and emailing your Myspace and Facebook friends lists
repeatedly, begging them to digg the story you submitted on how Boba Fett’s jet
pack never became cannon in the Star Wars universe?  –
Jeff Gorndt
(through Mochiland) tells you how
.  Speaking of that, go ahead and Digg
this story for me.

Advanced Game Audio Design
Gamasutra’s Zachary Quarles

provides an in-depth look at the art of modifying the audioscape
volume to
create greater engagement for the player.

Can games be realistic emotional simulators
ind out how
to AI might be designed to emulate  human emotion in games

in this Gamasutra feature

Mark Watson’s Free Game Development Books

His work is mostly
centered on Java
, but all of his ideas can be translated to AS3. 
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java is a free download or
$21.95 in a printed version. He also have other interesting books in the works
that you can take a look at.

Here are 8bitrocket towers
We have been adding to our dev
diaries on our

Generalized Flex Game Control
and our reference app for it called

Micro Robot Maze
Also we added five games by
and New Star
Soccer Trials
to our Retro Aracde.

As always, visit Flashgameblogs.com for your daily dose…

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