Three iPhone Game Video Previews

You know, to be honest, we never planned to review iPhone games on this site. However, someone asked us first, we decided “OK, why not?”, and since then we have been inundated with requests to review iPhone games.

At first, people sent us links so we could download and play the games directly on an Apple device. This is the best method, as it allows us to actually play the game, and formulate a real review. However, the latest trend is for people to send us links to videos of the game being played. Umm, O. K., I’m game I suppose. Here are the latest three videos that have been randomly sent to us out of the blue:

Wave Wars Lite

From what I can tell, this looks like a scaled 2D/pseudo 3D space shooter controlled with touch controls. Yes, that is right, I am super intuitive. It looks fairly enjoyable, but this is one that needs to played. Luckily, the company also sent over a link to an iPhone download, so there might be a review coming next week.


The Cave

The developer’s blog says that this game about the game: “In The Cave you play inside a semi-transparent asteroid so you see through it the infinite space.” I say, “huh?” After looking at the video though, it seems to be quite an interesting game. If appears to be a full in 3D (at least with rotation and scaling), and it seems that you smash asteroids into each other or something. I’ve been thinking about about this one for a bit of time here, and I believe this one could be quite good. If it utilizes both touch and the accelerometer it could prove to be a very intriguing action puzzler.

Buster Boy

Yotta Digital sent over this video today of their game Buster Boy:

This is quite cool looking, touch sensitive “bubble shooter”. The scaled 2D visuals are really nice, and game play looks very interesting. Out of the three games previewed here, this is the one that I would most likely buy first. Of course, it is also the the most accessible and the one furthest along in the dev cycle as it has a planned release date of Feb ’09 (this month).

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