Silverlight Game Development Interweb Mash-Up: Feb 9th, 2009

Silverlight Interweb Mash-Up Feb.9, 2009

Last week I had several people email me and ask to get their sites added to the weekly round-up. I say “GLADLY I Will add them! ” The only way to get a bead on the Silverlight Game Development Community is to know that it exists out there. If I have missed anything (which I often do), feel free to tell me about it in the comments or via email in the contact section.

We will start this week with a look at the games that have been add to the showcase:

  • Speed Poker:A unique take on Texas hold’em in which you try to select the best poker hands as fast as possible for 60 seconds. Avery compelling little game.
  • Silverlight Manic Miner: A silverlight version of the old ZXSpectrum Game, Manic Miner from Pete McGann and Roger Costell. The collision detection is nearly flawless and very impressive.
  • Mahjonged : A Nicely done mahjong game with the tantalizing option of a future “level editor”. Cool.
  • Zamboozal Poker Dice: Yes, we hypnotized into running our game as well.
  • Joe Rassic: Quite a nice looking and sounding dinosaur fighting game. It takes a LOOONG time to load though.

Now we move on to the Mix09 10K Contest:

  • Baltagz Aim: 20 second mouse clicking and aiming contest. A bit addictive I do say.
  • Jags 10K and Kendoku: Suduko! You know, I have a theory that this game was created to sap the mind-power of the Western world, while the East remains productive. Just a theory mind you.
  • Catchosoma: An action block puzzler where you try to catch the worlds’ most notorious criminal. If only it was that easy.
  • Trapped: A “Click The hot spot” adventure game.
  • Chain Reaction: A decent version of the Flash game genre where you click circles that expand.
  • The Fish Game: A decent version of the popular Flash “food chain” fish game genre.

Next, we visit Mashooo to see what new games they have in their portal. Unfortunately, nothing was showing-up today. Hopefully they will have this fixed by next week.

On the blog front this week we first visit Andy Beaulieu’s site where he is highlighting the work of Tiago Andrade e Silva in his quest to port the Physics Helper Library to Silverlight. Very promising. Over at Physics Powered Games they have just recently posted their first game, Diver, a sublime diving simulation with some of the smoothest graphics I have ever seen in a web game. Over at they have posted a link to great to a piece about avoiding common mistakes when making Silverlight games. finally, Aven’s Corner has posted two new Silverlight games, Laser Copter Inferno 2, cool, retro scrolling shooter, and Flabberblast, a very nice Bookworm style word game.

Well, that is it for this week. I have added all the new blogs that you have told me about to our Blog Roll, and I will visit all of them again this week, so if you want to get a mention, then update often!


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