Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Feb 17, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Feb 17, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This is a little late this week, as I have been fighting off a very
nasty sinus infection that has turned our house into a hospital ward for the
last week.  I think it stemmed from the heater being knocked out for a 7
days when the weather was the coldest. So, Squize, I now agree that heat is more
important than Blackburn matches on the tele, but after the Rover’s last cup
win, you gotta admit, not by much=)

This time we cover: A
couple excellent Flash game postmortems; optimization techniques for the 4K game
contest; creating games in banner ads; excellent tutorials on Box2D; some
helpful hints on how to become a Flash Game Developer; A selection of articles
on monetizing games; Colby’s more than excellent AI library and a host of other
hints, tutorials, articles, and a few games to try out.

From the blogs
-Invaders Must Die (by the excellent GYW

Post Mortem
brought to you by Game Poetry (On the Urban Squall Network). 
How come the asset pipeline is always a problem on our games too?
storm has an

excellent set of optimization techniques
for you if you are making a game
for the

4K game contest
. (boy do I need them!)-Stephen Calender’s
Postmortem on
his Lincoln Era Whitehouse Project

-Panayoti’s excellent Mochiland

article on creating games in ad banners

New Tutorials and Example Code to expand your skills

-Freelance Flash Games tutorial on

how to make a Dress up Game
-Emanuele’s new Box2D tutorials:

Gear Joints/a> and

Sling using Joints

-Free Actionscript’s

Parallax Movement Effect

Helpful hints from the field

example of an AS3 scroll panel component
.(nice stuff, Mark!)
-Mr. Sun’s very well written (as always) article on

how to become a Flash Game Developer

-Freelance Flash Games’ article on how to make a
quality selection button
for your games.
-Freelance Flash Games’
excellent 10 pointers

on mistakes not to make when creating a game thumbnail

Game Monetization
-Freelance Flash Games’

article on the new in game ad system called Ad4Game
-The Flash Truth’s
The ‘1’ That Rules It
opinion piece on how long it takes to make a good, profitable game.
-The Flash Truth’s article
on experiences with Flash Game License


Part 3
of the APMID $100,000 Flash Game Monetization series.
Article on

Retrograde’s game monetization offerings

Game Code Libraries
-Colby has really out done himself
with his

excellent offering of an AI steering behavior library
.  Check out the
flocking, interpose, and path following as well as all of the other behaviors.

 GaGame Programming Articles, tutorials and hint outside the world of

opinion piece on the Evolution of Indie games
-Gamasutra’s (sponsored)
feature on

using Ray Tracing on Quake Wars

Some games to check out
Play the
awesomely retro

Watchmen side scrolling beat’em’up
at the Minutemen Arcade (thanks
to Alan “he-man” Donnelly for the link)

-Play the excellent retro
games by Kosoftgo.com
. I planned to add 2 to our arcade
last week, but got sick instead. They’ll be added this week.

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