Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mash up – Feb 23, 2009

Atari Nerd Inter-Web Mash up – Feb 23, 2009

What’s new (and old) in the world of Atari – Press releases, blogs, sites and more…

It has been a while since I explored the world of Atari Online (Early January, I think),so there is a lot of new content to cover. If you are looking for anything recent in the world of Atari (new or old) you will probably find it here. We scour the web to bring you the latest news, reviews, blogs, and more on classic Atari systems, as well as news from the world of the new Atari.

Announcements from the Current Atari
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is coming out April 7th for PS3 and XBox 360.
-Atari announced that Race Pro, a hardcore racing simulation will be released exclusively for the 360.
– June 16th is the new release date for the highly anticipated Ghost Busters The Video Game on PC, 360, PS3, Wii, and PS2 (!!!! there is some life in that baby!).

Early Atari and Atari History
This guy stashed 3 Million sealed Atari Carts in a cave in 1990 and is now selling them. All games are $5.00 each and available here. has opened its doors celebrating all games in the pong mold.
– Retro Thing article on the fantastic book, Racing the Beam.
– Digitpress interview with Atari 2600/800 artist, Marilyn Churchill.
– Retrogaming Times has a feature on the Atarisoft versions of Donkey Kong and Pacman for the Apple II
– Video Games Console blog features on Pong, Stunt Cycle, Video Pinball and Super Pong
– Classic Pole Position Commercial

Atari 2600 has announced the imminent release of a new VCS 2600 game called Atari Arena. It includes 7 different games in one and looks quite fun and well cone.
– Atari Mania random 2600 game (from the home page): Joust.
– Atari adds coverage of Androman on the Moon, and Rob Fulop’s Actionauts

– Recycled Gaming reviews / features: Frostbite, Fishing Derby, River Raid, Fantastic Voyage, California Games
– Atari Age thread on Zoo Keeper game video discovery
– Atari Age thread on Raiders of The Lost Ark II PC game.
– Wii 2600 – 2600 emulator for the Wii!!!
Guitar Hero 2600 Mod.
– Top 25 “it” products of all time #5: Atari 2600.
– Classic Game Room HD reviews of Basic Math, and Memory Match
– Too Much Free Time blog feature on 2600 Indy 500.

Atari 5200
10 worst video game consoles of all time list at 5200 #5 (Jaguar #8)
-Video Game Console Blog feature on the Atari 5200
– The Captain’s blog 5200 feature with classic commercial.
– Too Much Free Time blog feature on 5200 Qix.

Atari 7800
– Classic Game Room HD 7800 Xenophobe review.
– Classic Game Room HD7800 Desert Falcon review + Galaga, Ball Blazer
– Viva la Twisted Kitten feature on the failings of the 5200, Lynx and 7800

Atari 8-bit Computers
– Current highest rated 8-bit game on Atari Mania: Animal Party
– Gamasutra article (from Armchair Arcade guys) article on Pinball Constructions Set.
– DigitPress thread on the best Atari 8-bit gaming platform
– Video Games Console blog feature on the Atari 400.
– Vintage Computers and Gaming spotlight on Alan Miller’s 8-bit basketball as having the first black character.
– Vintage Computers and Gaming spotlight on the Atari Touch Tablet (we had the Koala Pad,was it the same?).

Atari ST
Guardians of the Past: Go there NOW if you are an ST fan. This is the new rival to Atari Legend and the new Atari Mania ST Database! Simply incredible.
– Richard Davey (from the famous sent over a link to the Atari ST Games DVD by Marcer. There is a version on-line at his site and also a DVD for sale that includes a lot of extras.He has been working on this project every day and night for 5 years, so it is a treat for everyone who ever loved or owned an Atari ST.
– Also from the desk of Mr. Richard Davey, a link to a selection of the best ST, STE, and Falcon scene demos in video format for everyone to enjoy (at the dead hackers society).
Rainbird’s classic Krypton egg (Amiga and ST) is being released for the iPhone.
The Atari Mania ST game and software database is open for a public beta.
The Joy Of Sticks reviews: Lode Runner.
Guardians of the Past random ST software on the home page: Art Director.
Matty takes a look at Metal Mutant for the ST, Amiga and DOS.
Atari Legend random featured ST game: Akron
Armchair Arcade post on ST/Amiga 3 inch disk history/trivia.

Atari Lynx
– Tech Snake finds a classic Lynx commercial.
– Dr Moo’s plays Chip’s Challenge, Basketbrawl and Blue Lightening

Atari Jaguar
10 worst video game consoles of all time list at Jaguar #8 (5200 #5)
– Dr Moo’s plays Brutal Sports Football
– Video Review of Jaguar Ultimate Brain Games
– The Angry Video Game Reviewer : Jaguar Part II
– Video Review of Jaguar Doom
– Retro Roms Jaguar No Intro Set

Various other Atari
Play tiny Java versions on Atari classic arcade games online at the Atari Junior Arcade. There are also a few games to download to your machine.
Interested in collecting anything Atari related? Check out
The Retro Gaming Roundup podcast #1.
Top 10 Baseball games of all time featuring Home Run,(2600), Pete Rose (2600), Real Sports (5200).
2600 Donkey Kong and Pacman listed in this blogs 5 worst ports of all time (800 version of DK given props though).
Viva la Twisted Kitten feature on the failings of the 5200, Lynx and 7800

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