Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Feb 24, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: Feb 24, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover: Game math tutorials; Paper Vision, and Box2D tutorials; Blogs on the 4K game Contest, render profiling, Multiplayer v. Single player design issues; Game Producer deadline management; Freelance Flash Games in depth investigations on thumb nails and titles; Some general game development articles on AI specific topics; A whole bunch of new games and other various zarjaz.

From the blogs
– Are you interested in entering the 4K game contest? There have been some optimization discussions on GYW, Photon Storm, Urbansquall (From the great Tony Pa) and 8bitrocket (here, here and here).
– From the Gambrinous blog (new to this round-up) : Multiplayer v. Single Player: Opposite Design Goals
– Sokay.net has a great new layout and look.
– Edge Online’s Future of Games is Flash Article
– Stephen Calender’s Flash Render Profiling

New Tutorials and Example Code to expand your skills
– Free Actionscript’s awesome realistic bitmap explosion.
– Free Actionscript’s MovieClip rotation around a point.
– Free Actionscript’s Rotating MovieClips toward the mouse.
– Free Actionscript’s Get Radians and Degrees
– Free Actionscript’s Distance between two MovieClip objects
– Emanuele’s Basic Filler engine with Box2D part 1
– AS Gamer’s Character Movement: Helicopter Games
Flash Perfection’s advanced mesh splitting tutorial for Papervision 3D (from /www.bukisa.com)
– Check out all of the game programming tutorials that Flash Perfection has to offer.
Part 7 of Michael James Williams’ avoider game tutorial

Helpful hints from the field
– Alexander Shen’s Mochi Land treatise on the dress-up game genre.
– Game Producer’s article on deadline management.
– The AS3 blog has a new helpful tutorial (from the ASGamer.com site) on making a a basic Flash AS3 game.
– Free e-book download of the MX 2004 based 100 Flash Hacks Book.

Game Monetization
– Freelance Flash Games has an in depth analysis of the effective use of words and images in game titles and thumbnails for the most successful Flash games. Also check out his 10 ways to get players to pay for micro transactions post, and also Do You Make These 10 Mistakes in your thumbnails?
– Game Producer interview with indie success story Cliff Harris (Positech).He single-handedly makes quality indie games for PC and Mac.

Game Programming Articles, tutorials and hints outside the world of Actionscript
– Gamasutra’s Pure Advantage: Racing Game AI
– Gamasutra’s Creating All Humans: A Data-Driven AI Framework for Open Game Worlds

Some games to check out
– Check out the latest build of Squize’s X++ (Build 16).
– Check out Lorenz’s latest multiplayer game: Connect 4.
– It’s not ready yet, but Urbansquall’s Robo Riot looks like pure class!
– Do miss Sokay.net’s excellent Sammy Samurai Runner and the outstanding ThugJacker. (it’s a work in progress, so let’s encourage them to finish it!)
– I’m looking forward to Hatu’s Ragdoll Keeper!
– Play Flash Game Friday recent winner, Never Ending Light – a very well made Adventure Game.


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