Silverlight Game Development Inter-web Mash-Up, March 10th 2009

OK, so I missed last week, sorry. I was finishing my 4K Flash game for the Game Poetry 4K Game Competition. I’m now working on converting that game into Silverlight. Anyway, that’s a good, quick segue into our first topic: Silverlight Game Competitions.

We have already discussed a couple competitions in these mash-ups, but let’s recap and extend:

  • The Mix09 10K Mixtify Contest : The winners have been announced for this contest, and several games were among them. The Community Prize went to Mohan Embar’s Triangle Puzzle, a cute animated version of a game you probably made in wood shop class in the 80’s (I did anyway).Timmy Kokke’s Silver Rubix, a very well-made Rubik’s Cube simulator took one of the three Judge’s Runner-Up Prizes. Jimmy Dickinson Paper Ball, a stylishly made (and really impressive) paper football simulator, took another of the Judge’s Runner-Up Prizes.
  • The $5000 Silver Quest contest we described in last update has not had much of an update in the past couple weeks. As of today, you have 51 days to enter, so get going!
  • Last week we reported about a new contest, the Dr. Dobb’s Challenge Deuce a $10,000 contest with a due-date of June 12, 2009. There is a fairly active forum for this contest here, and there are several categories to enter: (I lifted this directly from here)
    • The Dobbs Race-To-The-Finish Challenge ($1,000) – Produce the best modded game (of any kind) in half the length of the competition.
      Best Game ($2,000) – Produce the best modded game (of any kind) across the whole challenge.
    • Best One Button Game ($1,000) – Produce the best game that uses only one button for input.
    • Best Game Starring Dr. Dobbs And The Defy All Challenges Crew ($1,000) – Produce the best game that still stars the Dr. Dobbs and The Defy All Challenges Crew (though these characters can be redrawn or otherwise used in any way in the title.)
    • Best Total Conversion ($1,000) – Produce the best game that is completely different from the original Dr. Dobb’s Challenge Deuce game i.e. uses no design aspects or assets other than the use of Visual Studio icons.

Now let’s take a look at the Silverlight Blogosphere:

  • Bill Reiss over at Silverlight Games 101 has become the first ever Microsoft Silverlight MVP. That should tell you something about the importance of both Silverlight and games to Microsoft. Congratulations Bill!
  • Related to the above, Bill’s gaming site Silver Arcade has chosen their new logo and now promises to launch this month.
  • Shine Draw has some new 3D and pseudo 3D Flash vs. Silverlight comparisons up which, unfortunately for the current rev of Silverlight, look much better in Flash. Shinedraw is now promising some new, and upcoming comparison that should be very interesting to game developers including: Game: Bejeweled, Particle engine , Physics Engine, Working with bitmap, and Working with sound . I can’t wait to see what they have in-store.
  • Andy Beaulieu has a great new entry about the current state of Silverlight Game Development called Silverlight Gaming ++. He talks about many things including the new gaming forum at, and some cool new blog entries. I don’t want to take too much away from it, so go read it for yourself.
  • Mooshoo has posted some news games, and they are now playable! (I was having trouble getting them to load last time). Spider Solitaire, Silverlight Solitaire, RoboZZle, MutraGame are all fairly new and worth looking at.
  • Also, Adam Kinney mentioned us in his new blog called Silverlight Gaming About To Explode.  Thanks Adam!

Finally, here are some of the new games in the Showcase:

  • Chessbin Chess by Adam Berent is good little chess game with some nice A.I. built-in.
  • Rootbeer Maze by Ben Maddox looks like it uses the Prim’s or Eller’s algorithm to create a unlimited random mazes for your enjoyment.


Anyway, that is all for this week. If you know of any blogs or game sites that we have missed that should be added to the mash-up, feel free to contact us or added a comment below.


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