Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: March 25, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: March 25, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

This time we cover a lot of articles on monetization (because that’s what I found). Maybe this is because of the bad economic climate and many people are jumping at the chance to make "easy money" (sic) programming games. We also cover a swath of new blogs, tutorials, and a couple new games from the blogs that I follow. If you would like me to follow your blog, or have a game you would like me to highlight, please drop me a line.

From the blogs
– Squize starts this post railing on the script kiddies, then comes full circle and reveals himself to be one at Unity, and then ties the whole thing up with a knock on nGfx and his Grand ma – I think. (there are tears in my eyes just witnessing the beauty of the whole thing). Also, nGfx comes out of his sick slumber to reflect on the separation of code into re-usable units across multiple titles.
– Richard Davey’s wonderful Kyobi has been re-branded and pushed on to the iPhone platform. Nice work, Rich. You deserve it. I can’t wait for the Flash version.
– Mark (IckyDime) G., gives some insightful reasons why (in the grand scheme of things) that there currently is no such thing as a classical Master of Flash. Very thought provoking. We’re all script kiddies, I guess.
– Game Poetry has posted 4 postmortems on the 4K Flash Game Contest. Also, huge congrats to 4K Pillars for winning the audience voting award.
– Here at 8bitrocket, we have added 2 video podcasts (episode 1, episode 2), 2 new game design discussions (Blaster Mines and Agent Pixel 6502), and post about Tweening in Flex.

New Tutorials and Example Code to expand your skills
– Freeactionscript.com’s realistic snow fall and flake effect.
– Freeactionscript.com’s how to make movieclips push one another without complicated trig.
– Freeactionscript.com’s simple score encryption script example
– Asgamer.com’s using Tweener In AS3
– Asgamer.com’s creating bullet lasers in Photoshop.
– Michael James’ Williams’s Avoider Game Part 12.

Helpful hints from the field
– Lorenzgames is back in the blog-o-sphere-o-rama with a few new posts of help hints. This one covers how to save a GIF or JPG in AS3. It requires PHP and a custom class, but if you need to do this, he has he goods. He also has a new list of the best places to submit your Flash game when complete, and how to customize the right-click menu in AS3 – GO LORENZ! Also, his entire site have been re-designed and looks great.
– Freelance Flash games comes through with a great discussion on the finer points of hiring an artist for your freelance flash game. Also available are posts on why you should complete your game before showing it to sponsors and where to find some free graphics for your games.
– Emanuele has part two of his How to use Google Site Maps in AS3 series posted.
– I found this in the comments on Iain Lobb’s Blog: Javascript that will help you format your code for posting on your blog.

Game Monetization
– Notejot has a very nice, very extensive set of new articles and tutorials on game monetization and distribution.
GameStreamer is for mostly A, AA, and AAA downloadable titles, but they promise wide distribution of those games. They include DRM wrappers and the ability for the developer/publisher to use their CMS for managing content and game version updates. It looks very slick.
Nonoba GameRise is a game site development and CMS platform for Flash Games. It could be something special.
HeyZap wants to be the YouTube of Flash Games. They allow blog/site owners to embed a youtube like game player on their sites and give their visitors a selection of games to play.
– Freelance Flash games has a nice run down on the features and methodology behind the Flash Game License First Impressions Service.
– Ada Chen (of Mochi Media) has a personal blog with a nice write-up that she calls The Different Dialects Of Casual Game Monetization. In it, she explores, defines, and describes 4 different types of web games and the various monetization opportunities for each. Also. Over at the Mochiland site, she has a nice run down of the Flash Gaming Summit.
– Via Emanuele’s blog, but from the mind of Ryan at Freelance Flash Games, comes his 7 Reasons Not to get your game sponsored. I happen to agree with all of them.
– Gamezebo has an interesting article on Flash game moneitzation.

Game Programming Articles, tutorials and hints outside the world of Actionscript
– Gamasutra’s Intelligent Mistakes – How to incorporate stupidity into your AI code. This takes a look at how to make AI opponents that don’t always win.

Some games to check out
– Hatu’s latest retro quickie, Snailer, challenges you to Frogger style to cross the road…with a snail.
– UrbanSquall’s incredibly well made Bloody Fun Day is bloody fun to play.

– TV Squad has a hilarious clip from on old TV show that Steve and I used to watch called The New Zoo Review. It was for kids, but this clip must have been a rehearsal out take where they use all kinds of offensive language and simulated sexual situations (my childhood is dying…)

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