Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: April 14, 2009

Flash Game Development Inter-web mash up: April 14, 2009

The latest in Blog entries and articles that might interest Flash game developers.

Our Mash-up of all things Flash Indie Game Development is back, but to mix things up, a more DADA, stream of consciousness, not-so-focused, more verbose, and not quite as LINKY version (this time). The old format(s) were cool, but to keep my interest up, I decided to pick fewer entries and add more of my own useless comments. How great for all involved! Richard Davey has been doing his part to take up the slack, so with no further ado (especially not Freddy (Adu), who is stuck behind EVERYONE on the Monaco Bench…) – oh yeah, with more references to Football (Futbol), Atari, and my secret plans to take over the planet in this version. Lucky you. You see, this mash-up started out as fun, and became a JOB! Job’s aren’t fun, fun is fun. No hard feelings if I left you out this time. Give me a shout out and I’ll take a look for next time. It gets more “linky” near the end, but old habits (and popular ones) are hard to break.

So, Richard has been doing his part to keep the world of indie Flash Game Development informed on the various tidbits and whatnot. Besides launching his outstanding game across multiple platforms, he has his own linky style posts, and has been regurgitating Tweets. Plus, I plan to “borrow” his bitchen idea of really cool particle worm explosions for my new game (in some form or another). To make things difficult though, I am NOT going to use his source code from the 4K comp, but design my own version. Nice work, Rich.

So, nGfx and Squize have been busy and not updating as much lately (completely understandable). Squize has been working in Unity and has this sweet sweet, loving Plasma effect to show for his efforts.. nGfx has been having trouble loading XML in Flash. Via Twitter, one of them has a new job, nGfx is setting up a German version of their site, and one of them has moved to the Mac side of the building (where the cool kids and the much much hotter girls, though usually damaged in some way, hang out).

Mark G has a nice template that Basement.tv uses to lay out 1024×768 web sites. On a subject that is very interesting to me (TV content on the Web), Mark has a nice post. Certainly with sites like Hulu and Netflix on demand, we are about to see a “sea-change” in how TV content is delivered. Until it was moved to Friday nights, I watched the Sarah Connor Chronicles exclusively on Hulu because the DVR was set to record too many shows on Monday night already. Also, I subscribe to the MLSNET TV connection that gives me 800K streams of most games live and all games after the fact. The ones on ESPN and Fox Soccer Channel are not available for live viewing, but they can be watched a day later at most. I also subscribe to NetFlix on Demand through 360, Mac and Windows. There are also multiple new TVs with direct connections to the Internet for content. Soon, all of our televised entertainment will come via IP, but when will the broadband companies catch wind and start to charge us much more for our connections? Time Warner has already started this in some places.
Also, Mark’s blog is now 1 year old!! Nice work, Mark.

Urbansquall has been cleaning up bugs and getting ready for the launch of three new versions of Battalion: (Arena, , Ghosts and Vengeance). By the way, Battalion is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and a must play. GamePoetry’s Making Money with Flash Games in a MUST READ. He says all of the little things I never got around to saying, and this quote describes most of my games perfectly – “Yet Another Developer Fails To Recover Costs on Flash Flop”.

I like Michael. He is one of the good guys (as are all of those I list in this mash-up). To play the linky link link link, linky link game, I will link to Michael’s link to a great article on the RiverManMedia (Paul) site about managing screens in Java. Why am I linking to Michael’s link? Why not? He has created is own version of Paul’s code, but applied it to Flash games. Also, commit these Seven Common Flash Game Mistakes to memory (and also try to avoid doing them because just memorizing them will do no good).

Ryan is always a great source of new material, Freelance Flash Games doesn’t disappoint this time around. Creating a Distribution Package is a MUST for novice and experienced alike. I find now that the distribution portion is vital, but oh so sad when your games are rejected (a lot!!!). He has interviewed Eric from FGL on the subject of Sequels, Level Packs, and Game Updates. Some very good insight is provided.

The best Italian Geek game developer and blogger we all wish we were, Emanuele has a collection of new content to peruse. My favorites are this Box2D car simulation, The Official Facebook Flash API, and Ryan’s Guide to Mochi Self Serve Ads. Plus, until Obama fixes things, you can’t use Paypal in Cuba

Free .fla files full of goodness such as: Water, Beer, and liquid Bubbles effects; Enemy Behavior – Run Away and Follow the Player; and realistic Water and Wave Effect,

Quick hits: Partner in Crime, Bryson Whiteman has a nice post on the $10K per month controversy and the PANG! like game that started it; Hatu launches Ragdoll Keeper; Flash Perfection has an analysis of FLV editors; ASGamer continues it’s Making a Complete Flash Game series with Pre-rolling Sponsor Ads and Your Own Logo; Iain Lobb’s hits Tunnel’s Push Buttons; Then read Push Button Engine Beta in Jeff Tunnels words; Lost in Actionscript gets lost in JSFL; Retro Shoot, the Mochi Flash Game Friday winner is FOOKING AWESOME!!!!

Off Topic (Footie, Atari, and Taking Over the World): The LA Galaxy need help, but the MLS Referees need more. Too many Terry Talley like Goons in this league; Fulham is rocking the EPL cake and Dempsey’s brace was the icing; Atari 7800 Pac-Man Jr. discovered; We Tweet, therefore we are

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