Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : May 1, 2009

Flash indie game interweb-mash-up : May 1, 2009

“A kinder, gentler machine gun hand”

Blogs, scribbles, games, tutorials, and assorted what-not from around
the info-baun that might, probably, and should (but not always) concern
the indie Flash game development community…and sometimes just crap
that I want to post about (because I can).

Gaming Your Way

The Gamingyourway.com dynamic duo of Squize and nGfx have been on a
serious Unity kick lately.  In the latest entry, nGfx discovers how
to skin GUI elements in forms, while Squize may have found a viable business model for
Unity apps.  They also have been focusing on their twitter updates rather than their
blog lately, and seem to have opened up their own private message
board. I sure hope that keeps the newbies and skript kitties from
bugging them.  

Nonoba Gamerise
We plan to create our own Nonoba Gamerise retro arcade soon, and after
dealing with the guys over there, I can assure anyone who wants a full
featured site to check out their Kung-Fu.  We just have not
completed enough of our own games yet to fill out our own site yet, so
we are currently working on a load of new titles.

Gamerise has signed up over 100
clients to date and more are on the way (like us).

Photon Storm
Coming soon will be an interview with Richard Davey on the development of his latest game,
and his Atari ST roots.  Rich has
a new version of his day job web site
on offer, as well as the awesome ZarJaz that is Source Binder.

My Icky Friend (Mark G)
Mark has been hard at work, investigating such subjects as: SOAP and AS3 (not for the weak of
heart) and The Apple v. Adobe Flash iPhone
conflict – oh Jim and Pam did it, why why can’t they.

Have you ever wanted to make a tower defense game? Mr. Sun shows you the ropes in
AS2 (and the path finding as well) in this 7 part series….get ready
for this IN AS3 ALSO (from a little while back).
(sorry for yelling).

Urbansquall / Game Poetry
Are they one and the same? Urbansquall seems to be pretty focused on
their latest (and very well made) game called Battalion, while Game Poetry
notes from the Casual Game Summit,
and a nice tutorial on using a For loop instead of duplicating a
mess of code with copy/paste. Too much good stuff.

Michael James Williams
like to share

your enemies
and adding Power ups in his AS3
avoider game
– The low-down on Degrees v. Radians

In the Land of the Cute
Little Mochi…

Balloon Headed Boy and Head spin Story Book have won the
last two Flash Game Friday contests.

Son Of Bryce
You know, I see Bryson every day at work, but he never tells me when he
updates his blog. He has been quite prolific lately:
– His take on ScaryGirl
– What he learned from Naughty Dog (it’s
cool stuff we all should read).
Good Multiplayer Design Elements
(complete with a Mule reference for us codgers).

Happy Jacks:
Flash Perfection’s FLV Cutter Tutorial; Free
Actionscript’s Laser Hitting Solid Objects and Walls;
 AS Gamer’s Creating Bullet Lasers with Photoshop;
Talk about Prolific, check out Tony
Pa’s current list of games
;  You MUST have seen
the 5K Lunar Lander game
already, but if not, it is worth a
look; Kill5’s (Chriserror) Panda Hates Maze is 3D
wondertastic! 41st Reality (Allim) is

8bitrocket Towers
– Steve released a new word puzzle game called Palindromes (plus listen to the
bitchin Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ live tune)
– Steve put up a tutorial on using
Bitwise operations to make a repeatable level sequence
– I have been writing Diary entries on my latest mini retro
conversion: Solar Fortress (pronounced Star

If you have not seen this Denise Richards Funny Or Die Video
about her Fun Bags and HooHa, you are missing a seminal moment in time
wasting and boobie humor.

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